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Nature Attack by Cillian Crean, age 10, Ireland

large plant attacking a small boy on an orange background

Hello reader. My name is Joe and here is my friend Pat.

I am currently in my underground base writing in an old diary.

I found it in my attic, before my house was completely destroyed. I will tell you a quick story on how it all happened.

It all started when I was helping my dad do the gardening. We were using plant food we got for half price.

We put slightly too much on, but my dad said it didn’t matter.

The next day the plant had started climbing up the side of the house.

Dad tried to chop it down.

The next day it was twice the size it was the day before.

Then Dad ordered lots of weed killer. When the weed killer arrived it was in a huge tank. We poured it all on the huge plant.

The plant instantly died.

We went inside to wash our hands and have lunch.

After lunch we went out to clean up the dead plant.

There were seeds coming out of the dead plant. A seed floated towards me and I caught it in my hand.

The seeds were now falling to the ground.

When they touched the ground they grew in seconds.

The ground was full of vines.

I ran to my best friend, Pat. We went to the forest. I had brought the seed I had caught.

We planted it and the vine sprang up. “What type of plant is that Joe?” said Pat.

“Don’t know! Some sort of vine.” I replied.

Then the vine grabbed us.

“Aaahh!” we screamed.

I had a pocket knife in my pocket but I just couldn’t reach it.

The knife was loose and it fell off my belt. Luckily Pat grabbed it and sliced the vine in half.

We looked around. The vines had surrounded us. It was dark and cold.

We lit a fire with a lighter I had in my pocket.

Later we found out that the plants hate fire because they can’t drop seeds.

We set all the plants on fire and got out of the forest.

I went to tell my parents where I was the whole time but they were gone!

We made a base under the house and checked for any other people every day.

We had been looking for food in the rubble of the buildings every day.

We found a broken i-Phone and an Xbox.

We were about to come back when we heard a faint noise.

The noise was coming from the other side of the field we were standing on.

We crept over that way, leaving the Xbox and phone behind us.

We thought we knew what was making the noise. It sounded like there was a dog stuck in the thick vines.

We climbed into the field of vines and we saw the dog was a golden retriever. He had vines wrapped around him.

We removed the vines using a lighter and brought him to our base.

When we went home to our underground base, we made the dog a bed out of old clothes and gave him some food.

The dog had a collar on it. The collar had ‘Rocky’ written on it. We both thought it was a nice name.

Later that week Rocky went missing we looked almost everywhere except the vines at the end of the field, where we found him in the start.

We looked there. He was sitting there stuck in the vines again. The next day we found him in the same place barking at the vines.

We decided to keep him inside all night and only take him on walks on a lead we made from rope.

One day when we were out bringing Rocky for a walk and burning down vines, we were talking and Rocky slipped out of his collar.

He ran to the same place he had run the day before. He was barking at the vines now.

Pat knew exactly what Rocky was doing, he was trying to show us something.

We chopped down all the plants and found a place where all the vines joined together.

We set fire to it and all of the plants died, the town or possibly the world was wrecked but it was also saved…

Name: Cillian Crean
Age: 10
Country: Ireland

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