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My Dream by Aarvi Jadwani, age 7, India

One day, I went to school and the madam gave me homework to write a story of a dream. Then I put my bag on the table, went to bed and slept.

Then I had a dream, I landed in the dinosaur’s forest.

There were so many dinosaurs like Triceratops, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus and Blue.

Then one dinosaur was going to stamp its foot on me. Then I got away, but do you know who saves me? The dinosaur saves me! The name of the dinosaur was T Rex.

I said “who are you”? Then she tells me her full story.

Her mother was lost in the garden but when I was playing with friends and mother was walking then she went out and I didn’t know where she went and then we went to find her mom.

Then we saw so many T Rexes and we lived and learnt how they live there life, how they eat. I had so many friends and we played together.

One day we thought, why didn’t we try to find your mother?

Then we visited so many places and the places were amazingly beautiful and dangerous. Then one day we thought why not and went to that garden where her mother was lost.

Then we went to the garden and we saw one lady was sitting on the bench and was crying then we asked her, did you see her mother?

She said, “who was your mother? how she looks that she had big teeth then we said yes so she said I’m his mother and they met again in the garden.

Then she said “Thanks”. Then we live together and dance, and my mom came and said “wake up my lovely daughter” and then that day I loved my mother more than ever and lived together with happy family.

Name: Aarvi jadwani
Age: 7
Country: India

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