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Mix the perfect Martini

Feel like James Bond…

The story

My husband and I got into martinis about a year or so ago, and since then finding the perfect martini has been a bit of a quest for us.

We have slightly different tastes –

I like a Vesper martini;

He likes a dry martini.

So at home as a compromise we drink dirty martinis – those are the ones that come with an olive and a bit of the brine from the olive jar.

It’s not everyone’s taste we know and they are pretty pokey, so generally speaking you are only going to want one and you want to take your time over it (although sometimes we have 2 and that can be quite good fun).

People should do this because…

Because it’s what James Bond drinks and therefore must be cool.

And because even though there is a fair bit of alcohol, there’s not that many calories (e.g. as with beer), so you can have a drink and not develop a gut(!)

How do you do it?

There’s loads of recipes out there so the trick is to find the one that you really like.

Some of them, like the Vesper martini, need special liqueurs so they’re a bit more effort and investment.

That’s why we tend to go for the standard dry/dirty version.  It’s easy to do and frankly delicious (well, if you like that sort of thing).

You can use either gin or vodka as the base (we prefer gin), and it’s worth experimenting with different brands.

For example, when we have a G&T, we tend to go for Sipsmiths.  However we find it’s not ideal in Martinis as it has quite a strong flavour.

You will also need some dry vermouth / martini blanco.

And some equipment – but don’t worry if you don’t have the official Martini making kit, you can cobble something together, as I have demonstrated in the video.

Our preferred recipe is:

  • 3 parts gin
  • Half a part of vermouth
  • 2 teaspoons of olive brine
  • A couple of olives

Shaken not stirred! (of course)

I show how to make it in the video at the top of the page.

Stuff you will need

  • Martini glass or wine glass
  • Cocktail shaker and unit measure OR
  • Pint glass / large tumbler / jam jar with lid / tupperware with lid
  • Small plate (if using a pint glass or tumbler)
  • Egg cup or similar
  • Sieve
  • Gin or Vodka (or both)
  • Martini blanco or white Vermouth
  • Jar of green olives
  • Ice if available

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