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Make tools from iron in Minecraft

What’s the Idea?

Minecraft is one of the most played, infulential and popular video games around. Its about using tools, resources, mechanics, assets and items to build new worlds.

Learning how to make tools out of iron is a key part of Minecraft as it allows you to make weapons and armour to protect yourself from zombies and skeletons as your endeavour to create your worlds!

What’s the story

My 8 year old has been into Minecraft for a couple of years now.

Each month I feel like he learns something new; how to build a new world, how to link up with friends, how to escape the dangers, how to survive and how to create new buildings – some even have swimming pools!

It is a way for him to unleash his creative side and imagination without having to write it down in words.

He is very passionate about this game and wanted to share with you these key steps in making tools out of iron to protect you from the zombies and skeletons!

People should do this because…?

Like many parents I am always cautious with video games and how they all work – mainly because I don’t know how to do it or completely understand how they work!

Of course with moderation I feel that this game spurs the imagination and creativity of people. My son has learnt some new vocabulary by searching for different tools and materials needed to create new villages, buildings, tunnels, mines etc…

He faces virtual challenges and learns how to overcome them. Its not all about zombies, witches and skeletons, it can also be about creating a town, village, skyscraper or mansion!

The possibilities are endless and inner creativity can be explored. Creating tools from iron is a great skill to have when in survival mode!

How do you do it?

The original Minecraft should be free to download. There are many different add-ons that will need to be paid for. Essentially there are two main game modes  – Survival and Creative.

To build tools from iron:

  1. To build tools from iron go into Survival mode – go to the 3x 3 crafting table
  2. To make a sword – 3 iron ingots and 1 stick
  3. To make a pick axe – 3 iron ingots on  top and two sticks on the bottom
  4. To make an axe – 3 iron ingots on side and 2 sticks
  5. To make a pair of shoes – 2 iron ingots in a diagonal line
  6. To make an iron hoe- 2 iron ingots and 2 sticks
  7. To make a shovel – 1 iron ingot on top and 2 sticks on the bottom
  8. To make a helmet – make a bridge of iron ingots
  9. To make an armour chestplate – 8 iron ingots
  10. To make a bridge – 7 iron ingots 3×3 +1
  11. To make iron leggings – 4 iron ingots – 2 either side facing each other
  12. To make iron bricks – 5 blocks of iron
  13. To make iron bars – put iron ingots across the top
  14. To make a bucket – 3 iron ingots in a ‘v’ – shape
  15. To make a railway – 3 iron ingots either side with one stick in the middle
  16. How to make 9 iron ingots – put one iron ingot in top left corner

You can then create an iron column to protect you from the zombies!

Stuff you may need

A computer, laptop, tablet or phone with Minecraft downloaded.

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