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Make a chocolate brownie volcano

Chocolate brownie volcano. White plate with a rectangular chocolate brownie and another chocolate brownie shaped as a volcano.

What’s the Idea?

Chocolate brownies are really yummy and squishy so they are ideal for making a chocolate brownie volcano!

What’s the story

I really love chocolate brownies (who doesn’t!). I was eating a chocolate brownie one day and noticed that its texture was a bit like play-doh and can be shaped into anything!

So I came up with an idea to shape my brownie into a volcano. People say ‘don’t play with your food’ but I think you definitely should!

People should do this because…?

You should try this because it is lots of fun to mould the brownie into the shape of a volcano. And the best bit is to eat it all afterwards!

How do you do it?

First, you will need a squishy brownie. If you make your own brownies, make sure you won’t bake them for too long as that might make the brownies too hard and the texture won’t let you shape it.

You can also buy brownies from the supermarkets. If you buy one, choose an individually wrapped brownie that is big enough!

And why not make some ice cream to go with your chocolate brownie volcano? I’m sure the kids won’t mind.


  • A squishy brownie that is big enough to shape into a volcano.
  • A plate – this is ideally a dinner plate so you won’t get any crumbs on the table. Lastly, you will need your hands! Have fun!

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