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Make your own pet rock

Image of 2 pet rocks - painted stone animals

What’s the Idea?

Create your own Pet Rock using rocks and pebbles from your garden.

Making a Pet Rock with kids is super easy, cheap and fun!

What’s the story?

Who knew that painting rocks can be fun and soothing for kids?

(and quite possibly adults!).

This is an art activity my daughter was assigned to do

Which was part of her home schooling programme

She really enjoyed it.

We don’t have any ‘real’ pets so she was very excited about this activity

And has been ‘looking after’ them all afternoon.

All you need are some rocks or pebbles and ideally acrylic paint.

It is such an easy activity that I just had to share.

People should do this because…?

Making a pet rock can be done rain or shine with minimal materials;

You can make use pebbles or rocks collected from the beach, nature walks or elsewhere..

It doesn’t have to be a pet

You can paint a pattern

Or a message or a picture (depending on the size of the rock or pebble);

You don’t need to buy many materials

Just the paint and brushes if you don’t already have them;

They also make the ideal gift set if you are searching for a kids birthday present.

My daughter still uses hers

She received a kit for her birthday to paint patterns with.

The kit comes with a load of ideas too.

As an adult I found it quite soothing to paint my own!

So why not get crafty and creative!

How do you do it?

Find some smooth rocks or pebbles in the shape of the creature that you want to create.

Then take a look for some ideas online

If you are struggling for ideas. Some useful links:

or google ‘rock pets or pebble pet’ images

And see if there is anything that provides you with some inspiration.

We found that using acrylic paint is the best as it holds and provides the best colour.

Acrylic pens are also very good if you have any.

It is recommended that you coat with some varnish at the end 

But only once the paint is dry.

Some suggestions for where to find  ‘pebble painting sets’ are:

Stuff you may need

  • Smooth pebbles
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Acrylic pens
  • Any other materials you would like to use to make your ‘pets’ but is not required

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