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Make your own hanging cat cushion trapeze

Homemade Cat cushions

What’s the Idea?

Make a hanging Cat Cushion Trapeze to give your cats a high place to rest in.

What’s the story

I made this Cat Cushion Trapeze because I run a cat rescue and sanctuary.

So apart from caring for cats, feeding them, and brushing their fur,

A lot of my time is spent just watching the cats.

I noticed that they love to be up high, watching the world go by,

As well as sleeping peacefully.

There are numerous cat related items on sale but lots of them are out of my price range!

I had seen a trapeze for cats online and was very lucky to receive one.

But realised after close inspection that I could make them from recycled materials,

And on a much cheaper budget,

Whilst amusing lots of cats at the same time.

People should do this because…?

Its important for our cats to feel relaxed and to enjoy domestic life.

Because cats are good for lowering your stress levels,

So its really worth keeping them happy.

This is really easy and cheap to make.

Happy Cats, Happy Slaves.

How do you do it?

Find 3 cushions, an old blanket or cotton duvet cover and a sewing kit.

Cut 4 equal lengths of fabric from the longest part of the fabric.

And fold these in half and stitch along the length.

Repeat for all 4 lengths of fabric so you have 4 strong strips of material.

Then select the cushions ( you can either use the old covers or make new ones).

Take each length of fabric and stitch one to the middle of each side of one cushion cover making sure it’s stitched securely.

Take the second cushion cover,

And leaving about 18 inches from the bottom cushion, cover, and stitch each length of fabric to each side of the second cushion cover,

Then repeat with the top cushion cover

You should now have 4 individual lengths of fabric at the top which you now stitch together securely.

Make sure the stitching is very secure as these will support the cats weight.

You are now ready to put the cushion or filling into the cushion.

Finally hang from a ceiling hook in front of the window or from a tree in the garden.

Watch your cat enjoy just chilling out and relaxing.

Stuff you may need

  • Old blanket or duvet cover
  • Sewing kit or sewing machine
  • 3 cushions and covers

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