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Make scrambled eggs – quick and easy!

Make scrambled eggs. Plate with toast covered with scrambled eggs, cherry tomatoes and baked potatoes

What’s the Idea?

Making scrambled eggs is a quick and nutritious way to get the kids cooking.

What’s the story

Scrambled eggs is a favourite breakfast for many. We also sometimes have them for lunch or dinner depending and what else we have had that day!

This is an activity that my 8-year-old enjoys doing independently and was very keen to show you how easy it can be without much help required!

People should do this because…?

Scrambled eggs are quick, easy, inexpensive and nutritious. It can get children interested in cooking healthy food without them even knowing!

You can also add just about anything to them such as spinach, cheese, mushrooms, bacon and more!

How do you do it?

Beat the selected number of eggs together in a bowl, mix with a bit of milk and then pour into a pan with a touch of oil.

Let the pan heat up then continuously stir with a spatula or wooden spoon. Enjoy warm with bread, fruit or anything you fancy!

Even with a simple dish like scrambled eggs there are some tips that you can follow in order to make something really delicious and special.

  • Give the eggs a good whisk, so that more air is trapped in the mix. And do this just before you cook them.
  •  You can cook the eggs quickly in high heat or slowly in low heat. You can try both but bear in mind that if choose to cook them in high heat there’s a higher chance of overcooking them.
  • Take the eggs off the heat before they are completely ready, as they will continue to cook for some time after that.
  • Add seasoning at the end because salt breaks down the eggs and makes them too watery.

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