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Make a suncatcher and brighten up your windows

make a suncatcher - picture of homemade suncatcher in rainbow colours with the word 'dad' in a window.

What’s the idea?

Kids love crafts, why not join in with the Summer Solstice celebrations and make a suncatcher!

What’s the story?

What better way to celebrate the longest day of the year than to make a suncatcher with the kids?

And with Father’s day being less than a week away in the UK, I was also on the look-out for a craft activity that we could personalise.

The kids really liked the idea of making a suncatcher.

We could easily personalise it for Daddy and we are looking forward to surprising him with it in the window on Father’s Day morning.

People should do this because…?

It’s a fun way to get involved with the Summer Solstice celebrations while making a Father’s Day gift at the same time!

Depending on the design you choose it can take a bit of time to create but once all the hard work is finished, the kids will be pleased with how the design colours change when you hold it up to the light.

We looked at Hobbycraft for some design inspiration and my son chose to outline his hands – this is something that will go in the memory box!

Minimal materials required, we managed to find most of the materials in our art drawer.

How do you do it?

To make a handprint sun catcher:

  1. Place the pair of hands that you would like to trace on an A4 or A3 sized piece of coloured card
  2. The thumbs should be touching
  3. Trace with a pencil
  4. Draw another line around the hand tracing to create a frame that is about 2-3cm deep
  5. Cut out the frame
  6. Cut a piece of vinyl and place it sticky-side up onto a work surface
  7. Cut multicoloured strips of tissue paper (approximately 1/2cm wide) and layer them onto the vinyl to fill it up the gaps
  8. Place another piece of contact paper on top then glue the hands frame on top
  9. Trim the excess vinyl around the hands
  10. Hang or stick on the window (I recommend using Frog Tape if you have any if you decide to stick on the window – no sticky residue!)
  11. Watch the colours brighten as the sun shines through your window!

Stuff you may need

  • Coloured Tissue Paper
  • Vinyl sticky back plastic
  • Kids’ scissors
  • Any decorative stickers that you would like to use
  • A4 or A3 colour card
  • Glue stick

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