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Make a bug hotel out of bamboo

Make a bug hotel - photo of a bug hotel made from a plastic drinks bottle and bamboo sticks

What’s the idea?

Use a plastic drinks bottle and bamboo to make a bug hotel and help nature find a home.

What’s the story?

I got the idea to make a bug hotel from the RSPB.

(See the whole series here.)

They have published a series of activities for school children and young people to help them make ‘Homes for Nature’ from household items.

It’s called a ‘Bug Hotel’ but you will also attract bees and other flying creatures.

There’s lots of different ways to make a bug hotel, but this one is particularly easy and simple.

People should do this because…?

Bee populations are on the decline and many insects are losing their habitat to urbanisation and monoculture agriculture.

So it’s important we make Homes for Nature in our own gardens, balconies and windowsills.

A bug hotel creates lots of sheltered nooks and crannies for all sorts of creatures to live and breed safely.

Plus it’s fun to watch your creepy crawly friends coming and going!

How do you do it?

Making a bug hotel is easy.

Start by cutting off the ends of a large plastic drinks bottle.

You will need to take the tapered neck and bottle top end off, and also the base end, so you basically end up with an open plastic tube.

Thread the twine through the bottle, and tie the ends together so that the tube has something to hang from.

Use a hacksaw to cut long lengths of bamboo into shorter lengths to fit inside the plastic tube.

(Obviously you should do this for younger children, or supervise older children carefully).

You might like to try to make the bamboo sticks a bit shorter than the bottle, so you create a little plastic weather shade which juts out.

Keep adding the bamboo canes to the bottle until there are enough so that they are wedged tightly and won’t slide out.

You’ve made a bug hotel!

Find a place outside, ideally in a sheltered spot, to hang your hotel.

Then all you have to do is wait for your bug hotel to get some guests!

(If you enjoy making your Bug Hotel, then take a look at our Bee Drinker idea too).

Stuff you may need

You will need:

  • A length of string or twine, roughly 1 metre in length

(anything string-like will do, as long as it will stand up to weathering)

  • A plastic 1.5 litre drinks bottle
  • A pair of scissors or a knife
  • 2-3 lengths of bamboo cane
  • A small hacksaw

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