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Loving you by Kay-Lene Reens, age 14, South Africa

Drawing of young woman and man in a photo album with roses

It’s said that on a girl’s 16th birthday she will get to know when she will get to meet her soulmate and its every girl’s dream to know that ever since they got to know about it.

Then you have me not worrying about that nor do I want to know it.

“Why?”, people always ask me

“Well why not, I already met my soulmate, so what is this” she thought groaning

We just moved to Pennsylvania and I honestly hate it here.

I have no friends and now I have to attend a school where I don’t even feel welcome.

The children there treat me like I’m some sort of painting cause they could stare at me throughout their whole break.

My older brother seems to like being here since girls practically line up for his number and obviously he is enjoying it.

I had to leave my entire life there, my boyfriend, friends, classmates and my beloved mother and came to live with my stepmother and my father.

I don’t like it here and I hate not being able to go where my heart is.

I went for a walk and felt the breeze of the wind making me remember where I belong.

The wind had the exact scent I used to love before.

On my way returning home something happened.

“Why is this person coming towards me. I don’t know him” I thought starting to panic since its normal, well, I guess.

“I’m William” he said waiting for me to shake his hand.

“I noticed that you are new here, so feel welcome here”

I could see the simplicity in his eyes but couldn’t say anything and walked away with this question in my mind:

“why did I freeze?”

It was really fast when I eventually reached home.

As I enter the door, I saw everyone looking at me.

“Is everything alright?” I asked anxiously.

I saw their eyes looking for answers while I did the same.

But what answers are they looking for?

“Dinner is ready, let’s sit”, father said breaking the silence.

The dinner table was quiet, you could hear a mouse squeak, not that there is mice there, but that’s not the case.

On my long journey upstairs I thought of the boy, William.

Why does it feel like I have seen him before?

“The future?”

“No, why would he be in my future?” I answered my own question.

I opened my laptop to see if I have any new mails from mother and Adrian , but there is only one from mom:

“Hey, my darling. Hope you’re adapting there.

“I really miss you though I can feel your presence in your absence.

“Please do well in school. Don’t disappoint your father.

“Ps. I love you, take care❤”

I decided to reply to the mail first thing tomorrow morning, and turned in.

This boy, why is he coming towards me?

Why do I feel so happy upon seeing him?

He’s a complete stranger, he’s not Alejandro so why is he kissing me?

But most importantly, why am I kissing him back?”

The alarm woke me up and I have questions all over the place.

“Why am I even dreaming about him. I hardly know him”

I shake my head angrily and get up to get ready for the showcast,
sorry I mean school.

Since it’s my second day at school I got my timetable from the head office and set of to find my first class.

I go to my locker to put some books away when I saw this boy walking the hallway, having all the attention on him.

But who is this person? As he walk the hallway further his face became clearer.


I said, clearly not in my head

He looked at me and I turned in humiliation.

Upon closing my locker door I could hear footsteps coming towards me and closed my eyes

“I’m so sorry” I said turning really fast, not knowing what to do.

On my turn he put his hand on my mouth and said “No need to feel sorry, but you did kinda embarrass yourself”.

I could feel my brows raising.

Like what is it with you, I see him everywhere “Even in my dreams”


“Nothing, I got to go”

“Since you’re new here why don’t I show you around?”

No thanks, I’d rather stay away from you, my mind said.

“Yes, please” I answered surprisingly

“Well my mouth is really not my best friend today”

Name: Kay-Lene Reens
Age: 14
Country: South Africa

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