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Lost In The Woods by Elly Rynhart, age 7, Ireland

One evening I was walking in the woods with my friends at six o’clock.

Suddenly, I heard something from behind me.

I turned around to check but all I could see were the trees, thorns and bushes and nettles.

I turned back around with my hands over my eyes and whispered to myself “I’m only hearing things”.

I took my hands down but my friends weren’t there. I took a deep breath and started running.

I went up hills and down hills and I went around corners.

They were nowhere to be seen.

Then, I saw someone strange. They were heading for me!

I hid behind a tree and held my breath.

“Who was that?”, I whispered. I was very scared, “am I about to be killed?” “

This isn’t a woods, it’s a big trap, and it’s not a joke”. I said

“Where are my friends? Or is it a joke from my friends? Are they trapped?”

I turned around to run back but all I could see was darkness. “Now I can’t escape!” I cried, “where am I?”

Night fell.

I started to panic.

I started running even though it was pitch dark. Then I stopped, panting, and realised I was even more lost.

I started shivering and crying. I sat under a tree. I cuddled my knees and thought, what had happened my friends?

And where are they?

I fell asleep under the tree.

I woke up and found myself in my bed!

It was a dream! I was so relieved to see it was all a nightmare.

Name: Elly Rynhart
Age: 7
Country: Ireland

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