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Lost in a Book by Emily Head, age 9, UK – HIGHLY COMMENDED


Chapter 1

Under the starry night sky, Ava started to yawn and gently fall asleep. The amazing book she was reading was about a princess warrior who had to sneak out of the house to help out in a war.

Biting her bottom lip, she read on to the resolution. As she started the first word, the window blew open and a vigorous gust of wind blew in.

Her flaxen hair swirled into her face and she was left in her bed, in silence. She felt much more comfortable than before but she had a dizzy feeling in her head.

Her eyes were weakened and all Ava could see was a jet black darkness.

After what seemed a year, she felt like she could open her eyes. Nervously, Ava opened up and saw something she didn’t want to see for the rest of her life.

A person that made her eyes ache and sang a deafening song.

Her awfully bright neon pink shoes could give anyone an ear splitting headache. Amazingly, she had perfect makeup and perfect hair.  Her eyelashes were as long as a whole ball of wool stretched out across the floor in a successive line.

Chapter 2

Her jewellery was a shade of pink you get after you give a piglet a two hour long bath. Her platinum hair and her fuchsia tutu were tangled awkwardly in some golden tree branches.

She was a fairy from a movie she had watched as a three year old.

There was also a diminutive dwarf yelling from the bottom of the tree. He sounded like a miniature fire alarm with a dinky beard, arms and legs.

He had a jacket that was three sizes too small and olive green shorts that were three sizes too big.

Weirdly the blue jacket’s buttons were done up and it wasn’t stretched at all. He was wearing a hat ( that was almost twice his height) that was a berry colour with sky blue polka dots spread out across the bottom.

Hilariously, his voice was incredibly deep and his eyebrows were almost down to his nose in anger.

Biting her lip and holding her breath, Ava was trying not to laugh out loud because the dwarf was yelling at the fairy like she had just smashed his window with a football.

By this time, Ava started to think, somehow she had managed to transfer herself to a land of fairy tales. She knew there was no such thing as magic but just maybe one out of one million, it might be real.

Taking a couple of steps back, Ava stumbled over a tiny, forest green gummy bear with a bright scarlet red lollipop. It started to speak in a  squeaky high pitched voice, “ oh no no no no no.”

Deep down feeling very creeped out, she grimaced and ran as fast as Mo Farah to wherever her legs took her to.

Trying hard to lose the gummy bear image from her head, Ava ran straight into the bitter dwarf  who was still yelling at the frustrated fairy. BANG!!!!!

She bumped heads with the dwarf and she was left in an inky, moonless, darkness.

A few hours later, she woke up on a plank dangling over a chocolate milkshake river.

There was a blush gummy bear standing on the spot with a tiny golden trident keeping the beam in place.

Standing in pride of place there was another blue gummy bear holding a blood soaked axe who was going to cut the plank.

Ava was shivering like a kitten in Antarctica, screaming and yelling like a three year old on Halloween.

As the pink bear nodded, the sky bear lifted his axe and chopped the solid wood plank in two.

Chapter 3

As Ava hit the caramel river,  she shut her eyes and held her breath. Hopefully she wouldn’t drown in the milkshake river because she already had a mystery to solve.

As she floated towards a water fall, she thought:

“This is too much for a twelve-year old.”

She fell down and expected an end but when she hit the colossal water slide….

Heavily breathing and drowning in sweat, Ava was lying, breathlessly, on the cold, solid floor with her tacky brown book.

The book, which was named “Into the World in gold”, was sitting like a cold, still stone on the floor…It had all been a dream.

Name: Emily Head
Age: 9
Country: United Kingdom

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