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Life Goes The Way We Think by Paridhi Baheti, age 7, India

Once upon a time a girl lived in a village named Malkapur.

The village was very big and in the village there lived a family.

Now let’s hear about the family.

And do you know in the family there lived a sweet girl.

The villagers loved her a lot.

The girl’s name was Pihu.

It was Summer holidays.

Her mother thought to take Pihu to her grandma’s home.

Grandma’s home was 20 stations away from her place.

They booked tickets 20 days ahead.

At that time Pihu was 7 years old.

She was very excited to go there because there was her small sister Khushi.

She was also very playful like her.

Pihu loved to travel, she always went by train.

Do you know whenever Pihu used to go in train she used to trouble her mother very much.

So her mother always took drawing book, colour book, and crayons to keep her busy.

Travelling in a train became a joy for Pihu. She started taking more and more interest in drawing and coloring.

After eight years——

Pihu was a 15-year old girl now.

She loved to draw any where at home, at school, in train etc.

On 17 November 2016, Pihu was going to her Nani’s home by train.

She sat in an AC coach and when any station used to come she used to see the station and when the train used to start she also started her drawing.

Drawing became her hobby.

Every time before drawing she used to tell herself “My drawing will be nice.”

One day she got very angry because she wanted to go out and play but it was raining outside.

She thought to draw but as she was angry before drawing, she thought my drawing will not be good and it was really not good.

She understood that if we think positive it will be positive, Pihu grew up with the same thought of positive action.

That became the way of her life.

One day Pihu was going for a school trip with her friends.

Suddenly on the way one of her friends fell down.

She got afraid. She could see blood coming out from her ankle. It was flowing fast.

She looked here and there.

No-one was there!

Our teacher was quite far from us. She ran towards her.

The teacher rushed back to help us.

We saw that she was in a pool of blood.

Her eyes were closed.

The teacher took her to the hospital, I also went with them.

We got worried. Pihu remembered that if we think positively the result will be positive.

So she thought – nothing will happen to my friend. She will be fine.

And within two days she was, with a smile on her face.

All were very happy.

Friends, do you know when she grew up what did she become?

Pihu became a famous artist in Mumbai. Later she started painting also.

So friends, positive thoughts bring positive actions.

It is the biggest strength of life.

MORAL: If we think positive, everything will be positive.

Name: Paridhi Baheti
Age: 7
Country: India

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