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Let the wildlife come to you

What’s the Idea?

From virtual safaris to zoos and aquariums, animals are behind the scenes ready to share their stories.

What’s the story

My kids have always loved wildlife animals and seeing them in their own habitats.

They have enjoyed visiting aquariums from a young age and would always make a great family day out.

Last year we were lucky enough to visit San Diego Zoo and learn about how the zoo studies the animals and helps to protect the endangered ones.

Unfortunately with COVID19, these doors are temporarily closed to the public; however, scientists, animal keepers, zoos and aquariums are working hard to bring the wildlife to us through web cams, live interactive talks, live safaris and suggestions of activities to do at home.

People should do this because…?

Going on a virtual safari or visiting a virtual zoo or aquarium is an activity for you or the kids if you are stuck for an idea and are looking for something a bit different and educational to do.

There are dedicated pages for kids with arts and crafts, web cams for a variety of different animals, specialised talks and games.

On many of the sites there are opportunities to ask questions during live presentations.

We like watching the gorillas live in the Congo while prepping for dinner!

There are also opportunities to make donations if there is a particular cause you would like to support.

How do you do it?

Below are a few suggestions, simply click on the link and explore!


San Diego Zoo Web Cams – polar cam and access to baboon, panda and penguin cams

San Diego Zoo Kids – videos, games,video games, activities and stories for kids

Chester Zoo – you can filter subjects and topics by age, all day virtual tours

Cincinnati Zoo – home safaris streamed live on Facebook, feeding time at the zoo and craft ideas

Longleat Virtual Safari -30-minute tour of the popular safari park gives viewers the chance to see the giraffe and zebra of the East Africa Reserve before venturing into the notorious Monkey Drive Through.


Georgia Aquarium – daily live streaming events, download lesson plans, learn about the animals, live web cams

Monterey Bay Aquarium – live web cams of penguins, moon jellyfish, kelp forest and leopard sharks

African Safaris

andBeyond – viewers will have the chance to spot the Big Five (elephants, rhinos, buffalo, lions and leopards) in real time with each drive spanning three hours. There’s also the opportunity to ask the guide questions during the drive on Youtube – watch the gorillas in east DR Congo – watch the elephants in South Africa’s Tembe Elephant Park, also look out for buffalo and hippos

Stuff you may need

  • Laptop, Computer, Phone, Tablet
  • Wifi

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Here’s how to go on a virtual safari during the lockdown

Links to books

Give children the world with a National Geographic Kids subscription!

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