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Learn to draw Jerry Mouse the cartoon character

Learn how to draw Jerry Mouse - image of a little girl drawing a princess.

What’s the Idea?

Learn to draw Jerry Mouse from Tom and Jerry – one of the most popular cartoons for children for generations.  Here’s a short time-lapse video showing how you can easily you can draw Jerry Mouse.

What’s the story?

Lockdown is a tense time for everyone, so I decided to make Youtube videos to have fun and spread positivity.

It is especially great for children during this time when they haven’t been able to interact with their friends or be at school as they normally would.

Sometimes it’s important to remember that they need activities like this to keep them engaged and having fun!

Teaching your child to learn to draw Jerry Mouse could be one of these activities to keep them entertained during this unusual period.

People should do this because…?

Smiles and laughter are two of the most valuable things in life.

This is especially important during these difficult times fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

We need to focus on more activities that turn our thoughts in a positive direction, like arts and other fun hobbies.

How do you do it?

Begin by drawing the outlines and slowly fill in the details.

Start by drawing an oval shape with a semi-circle above it, with the end of it touching the top of the oval.

Next, add the nose and mouth details, following with the whiskers.

This is almost a kidney bean shape.

The two eyes come next, mostly filled in with the pen to create the pupils.

These are long, thin vertical oval-shaped.

To draw the rest of the head start to complete the semi-circle you began with, allowing space for the ears which also take a semi-circle shape.

Jerry has tufts of hair on his head, which can be drawn from the top of the head shape out towards the left of the paper.

The next step is Jerry’s body, starting with his arms which in classic Jerry style are holding some cheese in this image!

Begin with an outline of his right arm, following round under the head and neck area to connect down to where his leg is.

It’s important to make a dip where the hip would be.

His left arm has more detail due to the angle of the picture being copied.

The left hand can have details of the fingers if you choose to include them, but it can be easier to just leave this out which is perfectly fine given the nature of the image.

For the cheese, this is a 3D rectangle which covers the right hand (so you don’t need to worry about this one!)

To draw the holes just make small semi-circles which create the effect.

End with the tail, this flicks out on the left.

Once you have the outlines done, you can have a blast colouring the picture just the way you want to!

Watch the video here to have a visual aid for your drawing.

Check out the rest of the Youtube channel here for other drawing ideas such as Minnie Mouse, Simba and Bugs Bunny!

Stuff you may need

  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Colouring pencils, pens or paint

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