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Learn how to make a kid’s fishing rod

Create a kids fishing rod - image of boy fishing.

What’s the idea?

Learn how to make a kid’s fishing rod from scratch. Something to pass on to your kids to encourage their outdoor learning!

What’s the story?

I recently took my Nephew to the park.

After playing a game of football we went and sat next to the river.

We could see loads of small fish swimming around just below our feet.

My nephew picked up a small stick and was pretending to catch them.

Before I knew it he had convinced me to do the same.

We were imagining we were trapped on a deserted island.

Catching the fish was the only way to survive!

When we were heading home, I promised him we would do it again.

We were discussing how to make a proper kid’s fishing rod using a stick.

I then thought it would be a good idea to make it more exciting for him.

What if we made it a survival Bear Grylls type scenario?

People should do this because…?

This is a fun way to get the kids outdoors.

Teaching them skills in the ‘wild’ is a great way to boost their confidence.

If your kids love outdoor activities, they may also want to try and create a summer butterfly garden or go bug hunting!

How do you do it?

Locate a nice spot by a river with shallow water.

If you can take some paperclips and fishing line or string from home all the better.

Even some shoelaces will do!

Fish will eat a variety of things.

If you have some fish food, awesome! If not even some cheese will do.

The Rod

  • Find a stick about the length of your arm. A bendy one would be best. One that is already laying on the ground, preferably.
  • Break off any smaller branches from its sides. Leaving the stick nice and smooth.
  • Find a small rock. Use this to lightly bash the thicker end of the stick, splitting it in two.
  • Once the stick is split, pop your string or fishing line through. Repeatedly wrap the string around this part of the stick.
  • On the thinner side of the stick create a small hole. Use one end of the string from the bottom of the stick and pop it through the hole you have made.

The Hook

  • If you have brought a paper clip, great! What you need to do is straighten it out. Then bend one end into a hook. Turn the other end a few times leaving a small circle. Put the hanging string through this and tie it.
  • Forgotten the hook? don’t worry. All is not lost. Now for some real Bear Grylls stuff! Find a bush with sharp jaggy nettles. Be careful not to nip your fingers though. Break off a small portion of the nettle. Simply tie your string to the end, leaving the sharp pointy bits dangling.

The Bait

If you haven’t brought any food with you it’s digging time! This is Special Forces mode now!

  • Now for the yucky part! If you have a small container or bottle, fill it up with water from the river.
  • Find a muddy area on the grass.
  • Pour the water and wait a couple of minutes.
  • Now start digging to try and find some worms. If you don’t have anything to dig with you can use a stick. Or your hands!
  • When you find a couple of worms keep them in a container if you have one.
  • Pop the hook into the worm.
  • Drop the line into the water.
  • Now, wait for the fish to come.

Voila! You have created a kids fishing rod.

Stuff you may need

  • Paper clips
  • Container
  • Kid bucket and spade
  • Some hand sanitiser (going to be picking up worms after all!)
  • Fishing line/ string
  • Fish food? That might be cheating though!

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