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Khushi of Khushinagar, by Ananya Mitra, age 7, India – 3RD PLACE


Once upon a time in a kingdom named Khushinagar lived a King and Queen with their beautiful daughter Khushi.

All were very happy in the kingdom.

Suddenly all the happiness of the kingdom was gone when the Queen, Khushi’s mother, fell ill and died.

After her death, Princess Khushi was very sad and there was no smile on her face. All day she roamed around in the palace with a gloomy face.

The king was worried as there was no smile in Khushi’s face. He tried several ways to make her happy but all in vain.

He was also worried as Khushi was big enough to get married but who will marry somebody who has a gloomy face?

So, the king came up with an idea. He announced that he would get Khushi married to the person that would make her happy and laugh.

The ministers spread the announcement to all places. Slowly, the Princes of other kingdoms started coming to Khushinagar to try their luck.

One of the Princes came and sang some funny songs in front of Khushi but nothing happened.

The next Prince came and shared a funny incident with her but nothing happened.

The next Prince came and acted like a joker and this also didn’t work.

Many Princes tried their luck and nobody could make Princess Khushi happy. The King was very disappointed.

A year passed but nobody could make Khushi happy. She roamed around the palace with a gloomy face all day.

One day Khushi was sitting in her garden with a rabbit and was thinking of something.

Suddenly outside her palace she saw  a man was passing by. The man was carrying a donkey on his back as the donkey was tired of walking.

After seeing this man, Khushi started laughing loudly. She kept on laughing.

The King was very happy that something made Khushi happy.

He came and asked Khushi “What made you happy, my child?”

She said, “Dad see that man, he is carrying the donkey on his back. The donkey should have carried him.”

So, immediately the King called the man. The King said “as you made my daughter happy I want you to marry my daughter and keep her happy always.”

“But I have a condition. You have to protect my daughter from the enemy around us.” And so the King taught him how to fight.

When he had learned everything, the King married his daughter to the farmer.

And thereafter they started living happily.

Name: Ananya Mitra
Age: 7
Country: India

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