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Katie and Ellie’s Disney Key Adventure by Katie Dunlop, age 6, UK

Once upon a time there were 2 little girls called Katie (me) and Ellie.

They were playing in Katie’s bedroom and they found a small lock in Katie’s wall.

It was shaped like Katie’s Disney keys!

Katie and Ellie put the frozen 2 key in the lock and they turned it. My wall was sparkling.

Then the wall pulled me and Ellie in and then we ended up in the enchanted forest. We were confused.

We met Anna and Elsa and we took a ride on the eater horse.

Elsa took us to her ice palace and we went outside to have a snowball fight. It was fun.

Then Anna and Elsa took us back to the tree. Anna let us pick something from the Enchanted forest to take home.

Ellie took a leaf and Elsa gave me ice powers. I was excited to make an ice boat.

Me and Ellie put the Frozen 2 key back in to the lock. We said goodbye to Anna and Elsa and then we turned the key then we ended up back in Katie’s bedroom.

I made a secret diary out of ice to write about our adventure.

Name: Katie Dunlop
Age: 6
Country: United Kingdom

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