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Just My Luck by Aditeya Goyal, age 13, India

It seemed like once in a lifetime opportunity.

Totally confused, I pondered if big opportunities could came out of ordinary encounters?

Yes, it was as if it were waiting for me.

My encounter with the pamphlet in the Hyde Park was going to change my destiny. I was born for this!

The pamphlet read – “In the search of real and raw talent. Looking for a budding singer and chance to perform at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.”

I was overjoyed and thanking my stars that such an opportunity knocked at my door.

Right at that moment, I decided to burn the midnight oil and seize this chance. I wanted to make the most out of it.

I quickly left the park and rushed towards home. I made the necessary arrangements, set the music and started rehearsing.

I jotted down a list of songs that I was confident about.

I practised each and every song but something was missing. Something that would make my singing more magical.

At that instant, I knew what was to be done.

I decided to pen down an original song and go with it.

I knew I was taking a risk but I needed to stand out from the crowd. After two days of hard work my song was ready.

Now just the right music was needed and what is better than a guitar? It sounded melodious and harmonious.

The competition was just a week away and I was going through a roller coaster ride of various emotions.

It was my time for showing what I am capable to do. I needed to win this badly.

I kept rehearsing and rehearsing and finally the moment of truth arrived.

I reached the Trafalgar Square where the competition was going to  commence. There was a whole lot of people and that was nerve-wrecking.

People were singing Bob Marley, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Prince and what not, and I was standing there with my original.

Will the crowd like it?

Will the judges like it?

Questions like these were popping into my head but I was confident.

And finally I was there on the stage with the guitar and Mon Dieu!

The crowd went crazy.

I started enjoying my performance more and more. The judges too seemed impressed.

The final judgement was minutes away and I was curious and restless.

Music for me was my life and my forte. I was into music and music was into me. We had an inseparable relationship and winning this contest was going to be my biggest step towards my career.

Suddenly my name was announced and my heart was pounding- I was the winner!

Oh My God! I could not believe it. I was overwhelmed! My risk-taking paid off and now I was going to perform at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore!

With that, one of the judges who were the mentor of so many renowned artists, were so impressed that he promised me three music labels.

My happiness knew no boundaries. That was just the beginning.

Singapore….I am coming!!!

Name: Aditeya Goyal
Age: 13
Country: India

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