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Stop emotional eating with this FREE masterclass

Stop emotional eating - Hands holding a ring doughnut

What’s the Idea?

Stop emotional eating with this Free Masterclass on Saturday 20th June.

Learn 5 clear steps from a professional nutrition coach

What’s the story?

Would you like to stop emotional eating?

I’m the Emotional Eating Coach and also a qualified Nutritional Therapist.

My focus is on helping women to lose weight permanently

By helping them take control of their food intake

I started my own coaching business after successfully using coaching myself

Allowing me to keep the weight off permanently (finally).

This was after a decade of my own unsuccessful yo-yo dieting

And being stuck on a cycle of emotional eating.

I wish I had discovered how to do this sooner.

So now I help people to do the same,

By finding a way of eating they can do for the rest of their lives

without ever feeling deprived or using willpower.

People should do this because…?

Do you find yourself racing to the fridge whenever you’re feeling down, stressed out, or upset?

Are you letting your emotions control what you eat?

Do you want to know how you can stop emotional eating and take control again?

Before you can break free from the cycle of emotional eating,

You first need to be aware of what’s causing it.

In this masterclass, I’ll be sharing my 5-step process to overcome emotional eating and lose weight for life!

How do you do it?

This Masterclass will be via zoom and will last for 1 hour.

It will start on Saturday 20th June at 6pm BST (London time)

You need to register on this link

Make sure you register before the zoom starts in case there are any issues

Stuff you may need

  • Pen and paper to make notes
  • Laptop, phone or PC

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Set up a Zoom Account

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