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Jimmy’s Adventure by James Cowley Lane, age 9, Ireland

Once upon a time there was a boy called Jimmy. He lived with his mom and dad.

Jimmy’s mom had also just had twins. One was a girl and one was a boy. They took up a lot of his mom and dad’s time.

They spent the night crying, crying, crying. They wouldn’t stop…….crying.

They even had to get two baby seats to fit either side of Jimmy’s booster seat to simply just go in the car.

They went for a drive at the weekend to try to get the babies to sleep.

During their trip the car broke down so it had to get towed. They then carried on with their journey having been given a replacement car.

The problem was it had only four seats.

Jimmy needed to go to the toilet when the new car arrived. His parents forgot he was with them with all the drama.

As Jimmy was coming out of the bathroom the car drove off.

Jimmy was running and running after the car in a panic. He just couldn’t catch up with them. He fell over with the tiredness.

All of a sudden Jimmy’s parents arrived back as they remembered they had forgotten him.

There was no room in the car so he hopped on the roof and clung on. It was a really breezy day and it reminded him of the time he was on a rollercoaster where he barfed out over the side.

He could feel it coming…………blaaaaaaaagh……….He barfed all over the windscreen of the car.

His dad couldn’t see out!

The car started moving around in circles before it crashed into a trailer full of silage.

Poor Jimmy fell into the trailer which started rolling down a hill.

The trailer crashed into a wall which then splatted silage all over him again.

Jimmy woke up with a scream. It turns out he really can sleep through crying babies!

Name: James Cowley Lane
Age: 9
Country: Ireland

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