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How to make a bee drinker

What’s the idea?

To make a safe place in your garden or outside space for bees to find water to drink.

What’s the story?

Bees never stray too far from their home and like us humans, they need water to survive and thrive.

All too often you see them drowned in a large expanse of water like a birdbath, paddling pool or your own drink!

Did you ever wonder why bees land on wet washing on the line in the summer? Yes, they are thirsty!

I work in a garden centre and have a designated area to highlight the importance of bees and show ways to help them survive all year round.

The bee drinker is a big hit with our customers as it’s so easy to make with stuff you already have lying around.

I now have several in my own garden.

People should do this because…?

Bees are extremely important pollinators for all plants such as flowers, fruit, herbs, vegetables and trees. Plants cannot do without bees and we cannot do without plants.

So, we need to look after our wonderful bee population and give them safe access to water just like other wildlife.

How do you do it?

  1. Find an old plate, dish, shallow pan – anything not too deep that doesn’t have a hole in it;
  2. Next you need something for the bees to land on – pebbles, marbles, broken bits of pot or crockery;
  3. If they’re dirty or muddy, give them a good wash;
  4. Spread these over the dish fairly evenly;
  5. Top up with water – preferably rain water, or failing that, filtered water;
  6. Place in a shady spot outside – such as a low wall, log, mound, rock or windowsill;
  7. Keep topped up with water on a daily basis as the bees will soon keep coming back for more;
  8. Leave it outside all year round as different types of bees and other beneficial insects will always need a drink.

Optional – you can leave it looking rustic or feel free to customise the outside of the dish with a bit of colour as bees quite like a bit of bling.

Just don’t colour the inside of the dish or the stones as this will make the water toxic.

One last thing – It is really important NOT to put sugar in the water as this is a very bad habit for them, as well as us.

Stuff you may need

  • An old shallow pan, plate or dish.
  • Marbles, pebbles or broken crockery,
  • Chalk or water – resistant paint for decoration.

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