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How to draw a cheeky monkey

What’s the Idea?

Drawing doesn’t have to be as hard as it sometimes looks, anyone can give it a go! My daughter was keen to share with everyone how to draw one of her favourite animals.

What’s the story

Drawing and colouring is an activitiy that my daughter will often choose to do during ‘down time’.

Some children (even adults!) are unsure about drawing but by following step by step methods it doesn’t have to be hard – the possibilities are endless!

The cheeky monkey is just one example of an animal that she enjoys drawing.

People should do this because…?

It can be a fun, relaxing, beneficial and rewarding activity for kids. Drawing is great for dexterity, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and unleashing their creativity.

In this case, once the monkey is drawn it can be coloured in and other items can be added to the picture such as trees, bananas, sky, grass, you name it!

How do you do it?

Please see the video for an example of how to draw a cheeky monkey!

Stuff you may need

Paper, pencil, colouring pens/pencils

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