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How A Pandemic Changed The World by Vanya Hegde, age 13, India – HIGHLY COMMENDED


It was a silent sunny morning. All the flowers in the garden were blooming.

But the little Daisy and plump Lotus were thinking about the absence of humans.

“Why are they not coming to the garden? Are they sick?” asked Daisy.

Lotus said “Yeah, you’re right. They’ve been missing for a week. If not they would come to garden with their mobiles. Maybe they have gone somewhere?”

“Whatever the case, I am happy without them. They made us dump in the dust and plastic”, said Daisy.

“But I am curious about it,” said Lotus.

“We know what to do now!” A voice came from behind. There were two butterflies.

“What do you mean you know?” asked the flowers.

“I think we can call Mother Nature to answer our questions,” said one of the butterflies.

“Mother Nature!” exclaimed Daisy. ” Yes, you’re right, let’s call her”.

All of them called Mother Nature.

Then suddenly the trees leaves became the shape of a face and she asked, “What happened little ones? Why did you call me?”.

“Mother nature, where are the humans? They are missing,” asked Lotus.

“Oh! This is the reason? It is a long story, children. I will explain it to you. Listen carefully.” Everyone was ready to listen. She started talking.

“This problem started in the last century. Man started factories and released caustic gases. He dumped waste into the sea .

“He tested nuclear weapons in deserts and dumped them in bodies of water.

“He cut down trees and started timber mills. In the name of development, he destroyed me.

“He made holes in the ozone layer, he started wars and he killed his own people.

“Man created mining. He created bombs. He made many inventions but failed to save himself.

“He was so powerful that he stopped volcanoes.

“He went to space but he forgot to save me. He made many organisms extinct.

“But he was very weak to save himself. He invented mobiles, he invented computers. But he forgot his own family. He had time to spend time with mobiles but not with his friends.

“He tried to cut off the bonding with nature. But he can’t. The human has willpower and ability. But he can’t rule me.

“I warned him in many ways. I created tornadoes. I created tsunamis. I created forest fires. I made Antarctica an alarm. But he ignored me.

“But then I found a solution. The virus solution.”

“Who is the virus?’ asked Daisy.

“Covid -19”.

“Covid -19?”

“Yes, it iss a powerful virus. Only because of this virus, he is locked down in his home.

“Now the pollution level is lower and he is starting to understand that he is part of nature but not the ruler.

“Now he has time to spend with family and friends. Now he can’t go anywhere else so the fossil fuels aren’t burning.

“After a century, I am breathing easily. Surprisingly, a hole in ozone layer had disappeared. Now I am healing. The sky, the wind , the sun rays – everything is clean now.

“Now there is fresh air to breathe but man can’t come outside. This is called karma. He has everything but nothing. He is realizing the truth of nature.

“He is understanding the value of nature, and value of everyone and everything.

“He is clever and he will find a vaccine for this . But it takes time. During this gap, he changes.

“After the end of this pandemic, the new world will start. The new world that will go with me. This is a lesson to him. I hope he will change.

“This is the lesson that teaches that he is a part of nature and not the ruler.

“This is not a first time that he faced a pandemic. He has faced Spanish flu and the plague and he will survive this also but this is not a decision.

“This is the ‘TURNING POINT’ of the human civilization!”

And then Mother Nature went in the air.

“OK, l hope he will change. Let’s wait for it guys,” said the plump Lotus.

“Yeah, you are right,” said the butterflies sucking nectar from flower.

Everyone laughed. The sun was shining brightly and the mist of the dawn was melting down.

Name: Vanya Hegde
Age: 13
Country: India

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