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Help Leigh Brownlee speak with Jim Carrey

Leigh Brownlee and Jim Carrey

What’s the idea?

Leigh Brownlee, founder of Stuff To Do, is trying to get a message to Jim Carrey the actor and artist – can you help her?!

What’s the story?

I’m Leigh Brownlee, founder of Stuff To Do. We run a website called (the one you’re on!).

It’s packed full of fun, inspirational, and useful ideas of ways to spend your time – not just in the Coronavirus lockdowns, but any time.

More than that, it’s a (global) social enterprise.

We’re on a mission to Change The World.

(Find out more on our About Us page.)

I recently launched a global short story competition for kids.

And it’s been really popular.

We’ve had entries from all over the world.

It’s designed to help children be more creative, and maybe discover a love of writing (like me).

I’ve been thinking about who I could ask to read out the winning stories.

Who could possibly be creative enough to do justice to the kids’ imaginations?

(Because they’re pretty awesome.)

Then it came to me – Jim Carrey!

Who is more creative than Jim Carrey?!

Plus I think he’d be interested in our project and the changes we want to effect.

So I’m trying to get a message to him.

However I am FULLY AWARE that Jim is hard to get in front of

(being a big banana and all).

So the team at Stuff To Do has launched a campaign to get the attention of the great man himself.

We’re doing lots of creative Jim Carrey related things to try to get noticed.

So that I (Leigh Brownlee) can speak with Jim.

And pass on my message.

So if you can help us – in any way – please do!

You could like and share our Jim Carrey posts.

Or even add your own Jim Carrey related ideas to the website and we will publish them alongside ours.

(It’s easy, just click the big orange button ‘Add an Idea‘.)

Meanwhile you can find all of our Jim Carrey posts here.

People should do this because…?

It’s gloriously bonkers!

You would be supporting one of the universe’s great missions

We’re pretty sure Jim will want to speak to Leigh, once he’s aware of her.

How do you do it?

Very simply, keep your eye out for our Jim Carrey related content.

We will keep adding the links to this page as the posts are created.

We will be publishing and sharing during the 8th, 9th, and 10th May 2020.

Everything will be added to our Facebook page wall:

The Stuff To Do Facebook page

Like, love, share the content!

Add your own Jim Carrey related ideas to the website.

(just click here,)

And if you know Jim.

Or you know someone who knows Jim.

Or you know someone who knows someone who knows Jim.

Please tell him that Leigh Brownlee from Stuff To Do is trying to get a message to him.

Or if you ARE Jim!

Please email Leigh at

Stuff you may need

  • A creative and imaginative mind
  • Chutzpah

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