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Got The Lesson From Scaring by Alankrit Shrivastav, age 9, India

There were six friends named Jagat, Jatin, Nathan, Aakav, Abdul and Shilpee.

Aakav and Jatin were enemies to each other. One day, they all were going trekking.

When they were leaving, Shilpee’s father came and said, “I’ll drop you to the jungle. Come, sit in my car.”

They sat in the car. Jatin sat beside Shilpee’s father beside Shilpee.

Nathan said softly to Aakav ” Do something. Make her sit with you, not with Jatin.”

So, he said to Shilpee’s father “Sir, it is a rule that two people cannot sit beside the driving seat.”

He said, “ Oh yes you are right. Shilpee, sit on the back seat.”

She said, “Ok” So, she sat behind with Aakav. Jatin was upset now.

In fifteen minutes, they reached the forest. Then they went trekking.

Now, it was night. All of them were tired.

Shilpee said, “We should make our tent and should rest.”

Everyone said, “Right.” So, everyone made the tent.

Aakav had a simple tent. Jatin had and electronic tent. Shilpee and everyone were shocked and appreciated Jatin.

Aakav became jealous. Then everyone went to sleep.

When they were sleeping, it began to rain.

Jatin’s electronic tent was damaged because of rain. Aakav laughed and said “ First, it was electronic tent, now it is a damaged tent. Hahahaha!”

Then everyone heard a wolf’s sound. Nathan was scared. Jatin laughed at him.

Now Aakav and Nathan said, “Now we cannot bear it. We have to make a plan and we should scare Jatin. Abdul, are you with us?”

Abdul said,” No, I am not interested.” So they planned.

Jatin was sleeping. When he went to drink water he saw a shadow of a ghost. He was scared now.

He said “ Help! Help!”

Actually it was Shilpee’s doll. Then he came out from his tent and he saw another ghost.

Then he said again” “Help! Help!” and climbed a tree.

Now Aakav and Nathan laughed at him and said, “Now who is scared?!”

He said, “ forgive me. Please don’t scare me, I promise.” Then both of them forgave him.

Name: Alankrit Shrivastav
Age: 9
Country: India

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