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Go grey

What’s the Idea?

Let your hair go grey – if you’re going to be isolated for a few weeks, you can finally stop touching up your roots and embrace the grey. No-one other than those you love is really going to see you, you so you can go through the tricky early stages with minimal embarrassment (in theory!)

What’s the story

I have been going grey since I was 15.

My natural hair colour is nearly black, so it’s the kind that starts to go grey really easily.

I have dyed my hair for years and years and years (I am 48 now).

I have tended to work in corporate jobs, and most recently as a consultant, so it felt like there was this pressure to keep looking as young and ‘professional’ as possible, especially if I was based in the client’s offices.

I’ve been thinking about going au naturel for some years now but never quite had the bottle!

But I have been working from home and fairly isolated for well over a month now, and as I have about 2 inches of grey growth, I have decided that I am going to go for it – gulp!

People should do this because…?

So many reasons….

  • Saving money and hassle on expensive salon visits
  • Better for the environment as you’re not putting toxic by-products into the eco-system
  • Better for your hair which has been having to deal with harsh chemicals – no good for its conditio
  • It’s authentic – I always felt like a bit of a fraud getting my honey blond ‘do’, when I know that underneath my hair is black and grey
  • I actually think it’s going to look really cool. It is almost entirely white at the front around my face, apart from one black streak, and then it is almost entirely black everywhere else.  So I will look like a cross between a badger and Cruella de Ville I guess!

How do you do it?

There’s lots of ways you can embrace the grey.

As I can’t go to the hairdressers, I am basically just going to let it go feral.

However there are other things you can try if you have access to a hairdresser:

  • Grow out as much as you can, then get your hair chopped back to as short as you can stand so the grey starts to be the dominant colour. Continue to grow/repeat until you have got rid of all of the dyed colour
  • Grow out as much as you can, then when your roots are clearly visible, get your hair dyed one last time the colour of your roots – i.e. dye your hair grey (I know, it’s counter-intuitive!)
  • During the growth process, experiment with hats, hair pieces or even wigs – you could actually have quite a lot of fun

One thing I have realised is that once I go fully grey, I am going to look much paler than I do now (and I already look pretty pale), so I am thinking of starting to wear lipstick, which I’ve never done really done before.

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