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Get back to nature for Summer Solstice

get back to nature - photo of red poppies set against the sky with sunlight streaming through the petals.

We love the natural world, its beauty, sounds, and scents. So we're celebrating Summer Solstice with loads of Summer nature ideas - to help us all pause our busy lives for a moment, and get back to Nature.

GET Back to Nature - marvel at the natural world

Enjoy these articles from our Stuffer community, reminding us to stop and marvel at the natural world.

Learn the different types of clouds - image of clouds.

Learn the different types of clouds

Learn about the different types of clouds and what they mean for our weather. A perfect activity during the solstice as our weather (hopeful…

GET Back to Nature - in your garden!

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or allotment plot, then you’ll know that Summer is the most glorious season of all.

Grow edible flowers -a bowl of edible flowers

Grow edible flowers

Add a pop of colour to your favourite summer dish with a vibrant array of beautiful edible flowers straight from your garden.

Grow your own vegetables - rows of lettuces

Learn to grow your own vegetables

Create your first vegetable patch and grow your own vegetables. Much tastier and more satisfying than shop-bought vegetables.

raised flower beds

Build raised flower beds

Improve the look of your garden and build raised flower beds.
They’re a great way to grow fabulous flowers.

Grow herbs in containers - image of herbs

Grow herbs in containers

Grow herbs in containers to kickstart your fragrant herb garden!  Growing a herb garden is easy and a great introduction to gardening.

Try planting for kids - image of a child in boots

Try planting for kids

Encourage the kids away from their tablets and into the garden by making growing things fun and educational.

Picture of Allotment Garden

Start an allotment garden

Get away from the digital world and regain your connection with nature by starting an allotment garden.

Get back to nature - via the fibonacci sequence

The Fibonacci Sequence is a mathematical formula found occurring all across the natural world – even DNA follows the sequence.  It results in beautiful spiral patterns in the most everyday of places.  We’ve collected a few photos of naturally occurring Fibonacci spirals for you to enjoy.

Summer Solstice outdoors activities

All of the seasons are wonderful in their own way, but Summer is our favourite for getting out and about in the natural world.

build a den. Image of den in woods.

Build a den with your children

Build a den with children, in the home or outside, and discover the fun. A perfect rainy or sunny day activity.

Take part in 30 Days Wild with the kids - image of a child enjoying nature

Take part in 30 Days Wild with the kids

Join the Wildlife Trusts ’30 Days Wild’ annual nature challenge this June and get busy with 30 simple, fun and exciting activities to do fro…

soak up some natural sounds while you Learn about NATURE in SUMMERTIME

Nature is awesome, we’re sure you agree!  So enjoy some beautiful Summer sounds, and take a look at these fascinating videos

Relax and enjoy these sounds of summer.

What says Summer more than the dawn chorus?!

How amazing is this time lapse video of sunflower seeds germinating?!

Watch a baby bird make its first flight

Have you ever wondered how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly?

Egg > Tadpole > Frog in 3 minutes!

Let's not forget our non-human friends

Whilst we’re getting back to Nature, there’s a lot we can do to help the wildlife in our gardens, especially when the weather gets warm.

Image of a birdbath bowl

Build a birdbath bowl

Build a birdbath to encourage birds to your garden this summer where they can cool off and have a drink.

Summer Solstice – Virtual Summer Walks

Sit back and relax, and enjoy these virtual summer walks from around the world.

Yellowstone National Park

Lotschental in the Swiss Alps

Johnston Canyon Banff – Canada

The English Countryside

Tropical Rainforest

Something a bit different – flying over the Scottish Highlands

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