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Extraordinary Week with Youyo by Yousef Faisal, age 7, UK

One day, my small family went on an amazing, brilliant trip to space and we were all very excited.

My dad, mom, sister and myself got into a speedy, big rocket and flew to space.

The surroundings were pitch-black and the huge stars were glowing brightly.

It took us around three days to go to space and we landed on the moon. The moon was rocky, bumpy and full of thin tunnels.

My family got out of the rocket to discover the fascinating moon, but I could not because I was the pilot of the rocket.

They went to see the moon’s dead volcanoes and giant craters. I was sitting inside the rocket looking for other planets using my binoculars.

Suddenly, I saw something in the distance. Now I was as frightened as being in a creepy haunted house!

My knees were shaking fearfully and I jumped out of the rocket to call my family.

Then, this thing came closer, and closer, and closer until I realized it was …….!

An emerald, small spaceship!

It was zooming fast towards us, so we ran inside the rocket rapidly and prepared for take-off.

We tried to fly away but the mysterious spaceship followed us. Then, we heard a weird, strange voice but we did not know where it came from.

I looked behind me and saw a small, blue Alien standing on the moon’s surface. I could not believe my eyes!

The Alien had a very wide mouth, three eyes and four fingers on each hand.

The Alien was happily waving to us, so I told my family to step out of the rocket and greet him.

The Alien’s name was Youyo. He invited us for a visit to his home. Youyo pulled our rocket in the spaceship’s magnetic beam and it was fantastic!

In our way, we saw lots of blazing shooting stars as if they were colourful fireworks.

The Alien’s home is not like our homes, Youyo lives on a special planet with his other Alien friends.

Youyo and his friends were very friendly and generous; they allowed us to play with equipment we have never seen before.

Youyo also took us to their museum, their football pitch and their fancy restaurant.

In the museum, we saw Alien Dinosaurs and we learned a lot about space.

We got to play football in an Alien way, their football looked like a small tiny star but it was very light.

Our team included my family and my friend Youyo. It was a great game and our team won six-five.

When we went to the restaurant, we ate different kinds of unusual but delicious food. I ate an Alien Pizza, the dough was made of melting gold and it was covered by melted diamonds.

We had lots of fun!

Lastly, my kind Alien friend, Youyo, took us to discover many different planets on his spaceship.

Inside the spaceship, there was a machine that you can ask for food and it will give it to you in a second.

The steering wheel was working by voice instructions. Amazingly, in the Alien’s spaceship you would not float as in the usual spaceships.

We saw all the planets in the solar system and other Alien planets too.

It was a great adventure but sadly the time flew too fast and it was time to go back to our home in the Earth.

Kindly my Alien friend, Youyo, said that we can come for a visit to his planet every year.

We thanked Youyo for the wonderful, unexpected time that we spent with him.

It was the best, most adventurous week ever!

Name: Yousef Faisal
Age: 7
Country: United Kingdom

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