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Enjoy the National Theatre live

National Theatre Live

What’s the Idea?

You can watch great theatre from the National Theatre – Live! Plus other activities to entertain audiences while the theatres are shut.

What’s the story

I rediscovered my love of the theatre when I discovered that some theatres were providing surtitles and smart glasses for the hard-of-hearing.

Unfortunately this was shortly before the doors shut due to the Coronavirus.

However, I have been delighted to discover how many theatres are making entertainment available on line during the current crisis.

I was reminded about the National Theatre by an email I received and was thrilled to find I could watch National Theatre plays live.

(It’s a good idea to get yourself on mailing lists).

They are even hosting a virtual quiz night.

People should do this because…?

Just as audiences need plays to go to, actors need audiences to perform to.

Plus we can all benefit, especially as no travel is involved – that means you can visit theatres all over the country.

How do you do it?

If you want to watch the National Theatre live from your living room then all you need to do is visit their YouTube channel here.

They live-stream a production every Thursday night, and they leave last week’s play available to watch on catch-up too.

The National Theatre is also running a virtual quiz on the last Monday of every month at 7pm.

The quiz masters are Dame Helen Mirren, Sir Lenny Henry, Lesley Manville, and Sir Ian McKellen, so it would be well worth joining in.

You can find details of the National Theatre quiz night here.

To take part in the quiz you will need to either subscribe to The National Theatre’s YouTube channel or follow their Facebook page.

If you are going to enjoy the National Theatre’s live performances from home, perhaps you could consider donating a small amount.

It’s a very difficult time for theatres and I’m sure many theatre lovers, like myself, don’t want to see them closing down.

If you would like to contribute something you can donate on their home page.

If you’re interested in performances from other theatre companies, get yourself onto mailing lists.

You can also check the internet by searching for “free theatre performances”.

WhatsOnStage also updates a list of free performances daily:

Stuff you may need

  • PC or laptop or smartphone
  • Access to the internet
  • Ice cream for the interval

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