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Enjoy a virtual trip to a museum with the kids

What’s the Idea?

Many museums have opened their virtual doors with kids in mind – why not take a look?

What’s the story

Although museums, centres and galleries are physically closed they have opened up their exhibits to the virtual world to educate and entertain all of us who are doing our bit to stay at home.

Many museums have worked hard to engage the kids and keep things interactive.

Adults can learn from and enjoy the activities too, I loved exploring Easter Island!

People should do this because…?

Its free, interesting and interactive!

Many of the exhibits and the museums suggest creative activities that can be done at home like how to create an origami dinosaur, how to make a space rocket from recycled home goods, or how to make a ‘Willy Wonka Factory Machine’.

My daughter loves the colouring activities that can be printed out too!

Try taking a look at some of the museum links below.

How do you do it?

Below are some suggestions for kid friendly worldwide virtual museums – simply click on the link and explore!:

The Natural History Museum -activities and ideas to occupy yourself and family at home, in your garden or local outdoor space

NASA – take a virtual tour of Langley’s research centre

NASA – take a virtual tour of the Hubble Telescope

NASA – take a virtual tour of the Glenn Centre

London Transport Museum

Tate Kids

Royal Academy of Arts – for family ‘how to’ activities

The British Museum – an interactive experience- you can see the Rosetta Stone or real-life mummy!

The Louvre – for kids interested in ancient Egypt and medieval architecture

Boston Children’s Museum -welcomes online visitors into its exhibits (no lines!) and you can supplement the images with your own at-home activities and games

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – dinosaur skeletons, animals from around the globe, virtual tours and activities

Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre -virtual tour of the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre, several activities and crafts

Easter Island – If you would like some ‘fresh air’ – Google have teamed up with this Chilean territory’s Polynesian remote volcanic island. Here you can explore the 900 ancient statues (Moai) up close

Van Gogh Museum -take the kids on a virtual artistic journey looking at various oil paintings and the history and culture of the different countries where he painted. For example take a look at the calming Almond Blossom

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis – The world’s largest children’s museum.  DIY science, live story times and virtual events

Stuff you may need

  • Computer, laptop, tablet, phone
  • Wifi

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