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Take part in a FREE virtual children’s birthday party

childrens virtual birthday party - child blowing out candles on birthday cake

What’s the idea?

Our virtual children’s birthday party on 16th May 2020 means children of all ages can celebrate their special day, wherever they are.

What’s the story?

My name is Zoe Hart and myself and my team run online children’s parties.

I believe that no child should go without celebrating their special day – even during lockdown.

So, on Saturday 16th May 2020 at 3pm, we (Hart Entertainment) are hosting a Global lock-down children’s birthday party for all ages.

And guess what, it’s FREE!

If you have a child with a birthday around this time – we’d love you to join us.

Hi, I’m Zoe Hart. I’ve been hosting children’s birthdays since 2014 along with my two children (now 11 & 13 next week).

My whole ethos is about kindness and connection.

Since I’m pretty tech savvy being a professional DJ, music producer and zoom teacher, I decided that I should put my skills to good use.

By helping kids to connect and allowing them to celebrate their special days.

However I know many can’t afford a party this year, or simply don’t know where to start to organise one online.

So I’m hosting a one-off free event and would love you to join.

(To book your own private event and learn more about how they run click here.)

People should do this because…?

Every child deserves to celebrate their special day;

There’s no hall or venue to pay for and no mess to clear up;

According to science a child doesn’t feel like they’ve had a birthday or gotten older until they have their party;

(Dates are such a grown-up thing!)

How do you do it?

If you and your child would like to join us for the party, just click on this link.

This will take you to the Facebook event page where you will be able to ‘reserve a slot’.

(Please note we can only reserve one slot per computer.)

And if you share the event link below with your child’s friends and family, they can reserve slots too, so you can all celebrate together.

If you can, buy or make a birthday cake and get some candles

Then, on Saturday 16th May, check your Facebook messages for the Zoom link.

You will need this to join the party at 3pm.

(You can find out how to get a Zoom account here.)

Click the zoom link at 3pm and you’re ready to go!

For larger groups, we will provide a private party room as well as the main room.

This is so you can chat with just your family and friends during the event.

But don’t worry if it’s just you and your child, we have a big communal room where everyone can join in together.

We’ll be playing games like musical statues, and musical bumps, as well as having a good old-fashioned dance.

And of course we will sing Happy Birthday.

(There’s even a free digital goody-bag!)

Stuff you may need

A laptop or computer will work best, but you can join in from any device which has Zoom on it.

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