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Dr Sans and the Aliens by Will Reader, age 8, UK – WINNER


Chapter 1

“What the heck?” exclaimed Dr Sans.

“Jasper, come and have a look at this!” Jasper was Dr Sans’ assistant.

“Oh my!” said Jasper, mouth wide open.

On the radar in Dr Sans’ lab, a rocket ship was slowly making its way towards earth.

Dr Sans worked for E.T.R. (Extra Terrestrial Research).

Part of Dr Sans’ job was to destroy aliens.

He went to his laser beam and pushed the red button, sending a laser towards the ship. Zap!

“What?!” shouted Dr Sans.

The laser beam hit the alien ship…and exploded…but…the alien ship just carried on moving towards the earth’s core!

Dr Sans was thinking…thinking…thinking…yes!

He knew what he had to do. 

Chapter 2

Dr Sans knew he had to build a rocket to fire out a stun grenade

Dr Sans made a list of everything he would need.

For the Rocket:

6 car bonnets
6 windows
hatch (for the stun grenade)
fire boosters

For the Stun Grenade:

fizzy soda

Jasper checked the list.

“Wow boss,” said Jasper “I’ll go and get the supplies.”

Dr Sans had everything he needed.

The rocket was ready, the grenade was ready. What could possibly go wrong?

The answer to that, was right at the entrance to the lab…  

Chapter 3

A red package was waiting for him.

“What?” said Dr Sans “We never get mail, except from A.D.I. (Alien Destruction Industries), which always comes in black wrapping paper.”

The Sender Address read:
FOLXHOLM W.B.S. (Weaponry Battle Station)
↕ ⱦ ⱴ æ ¤¤ ±

Jasper gasped. “Folxhom W.B.S. is the most dreaded weaponry station in the universe! It can destroy a whole planet!”

“Well, I guess we’d better open it” said Dr Sans, gravely.  

Chapter 4

As they opened the package, both Jasper and Dr Sans clapped their hands to their mouths.

Dr Sans was the first to speak.

“I know what that is! It’s a thermal detonator!

They are deadly bombs! What shall we do?

Thinking…thinking…Hmmm tell you what, just chuck it in the pond outside.”

Jasper did just that.

The bomb exploded as soon as it hit the water.

The noises that came out of the pond were a gigantic splash… and a “ribbit”.

Dr Sans said “right, we’ve got no time to lose. Those aliens clearly mean business!

“Make sure my rocket ship is operational and then power it up. I’m going to space with my stun grenade!

“The grenade will fly out of the rocket ship and hit the alien ship.

“Because it is more powerful than my laser beam, it will hit the alien ship and explode it.

“Then I’ll fly home. Bye bye aliens, hello earth”.

Chapter 5


Dr Sans felt brave as his rocket ship zoomed up into the clouds.

He spoke into his radio. “Rodger Golf Tango India reporting. Are you receiving me? Just to let you know, we are now way above the birds.”

“Rodger that.” said Carl in the control tower. “Give us a wing waggle, will ya?”

“No I can’t!” said Dr Sans. “Wait! I can see them! Standby for description.

“The first alien is spotty, has a medal of caterpillars with a giant bogey in the middle.

“The second has a baseball cap, horns on his head and is blotchy with way over grown finger nails.

“The third is sleeping, but still looks ugly.

“The fourth looks like an ice cream man with green skin, one eye and without the uniform.

“And without the ice cream.

“And he has a moustache.

“So maybe actually a little more like a cricketer using a Polyjuice Potion to look hideous.

“Preparing to activate stun grenade. Standby. Alright. 3…2…1…I’ve pushed the red button!”

The hatch on the outside of Dr Sans’ spaceship opened and out came the stun grenade.

Slightly bigger than a football, the grenade had wire connecting to a grappling hook.

The hook was propelled through space and gripped onto the alien ship.

“Counting down to extermination” said Dr Sans into the radio, “10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1…”

BOOM BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Chapter 6

“Positive hit! Positive hit! Spaceship destroyed!” said Dr Sans into the radio.

Carl said “Nice one Golf Tango India!  Um, now can you give us a little wing waggle?”

“Oh alright” said Dr Sans.

Whit whit went the wings of GTI the spaceship as Dr Sans turned and flew back towards the earth.

“Nice one mate” said Carl, over the radio.

“All in a days’ work” said Dr Sans.

Name: Will Reader
Age: 8
Country: United Kingdom

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