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Download a photo from or

What’s the Idea?

Have a great idea for the STDAH website but don’t have a photo? Download a free image from or

What’s the story

Images are a great way to help explain ideas and grab people’s attention.

If you don’t have a photo, access to camera or just don’t want to use your own you can download an image from or

These websites are a source of millions of high quality pictures and images available for anyone to download for free!

You can find any category from food to travel to businesses to fashion to spirituality… is a website specialising in sharing inspirational pictures and images and is a website for sharing photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and film footage.

The search function easily allows you to search for a specific image or you can search by category, size, texture etc…

People should do this because…?

Processing a visual sign or image is much quicker than reading a sentence or two… Images can help tell your story!

Every stuffer page will need an image so if you don’t have one and need some inspiration,  have a look at either of these websites!

Even if you don’t need an image now you might want to take a look for some future ideas. These sites are worth exploring for anything that you may need like an image or video for  a presentation, some background music or a really cool wallpaper for your phone or computer!

How do you do it?

To download a photo from or

  1. Go to the website or by typing the website into your Internet browser and press ‘Enter’. You can sign up to either website if you like but is not required
  2. Search for an image in the search tool bar in the middle of the page by using one word or several words to describe the type of image you are trying to find and press ‘Enter’. This is the same for both the phone and computer
  3. If you are on your phone or tablet you can download the app from the App Store
  4. Click on the image that you would like to download
  5. This will bring up the image in a large box
  6. Click on the green box on the top right corner that says ‘Download free’
  7. Click on which size image of image you would like to download
  8. Once you have clicked on the size you require, the image will be saved to the ‘Downloads’ section on your computer (you might be asked to confirm that you are not a robot by clicking the answer to a question on Pixabay).
  9. When downloading to a computer the image will pop up on your screen after it has downloaded, you can then ‘Save As’ to a chosen file on your computer. If you are on your phone once you have clicked on the image you can then email, message or download image directly to your phone
  10. Once your image has downloaded to either your phone or computer make sure you transfer the image to a folder where you can find it again!

Now you are ready to upload your photo to the STDAH Stuffer page!

To upload the photo to the STDAH Stuffer page:

  1. When you are on the STDAH website, click on ‘Add your Stuff’ to left of the screen in a big orange box.
  2. When you are ready to add a photo, you will find a place to do this under the ‘Your idea photo’ section of the Stuffer page
  3. Click on ‘Choose File.’ If you are on a laptop or desktop computer you should be taken directly to your files where your photo is stored. If you are uploading on your phone it should give you the option to choose a photo from your ‘Photo Library.’ Once you have selected your photo it will automatically upload to the ‘Your idea photo’ section
  4. You will know the image has uploaded because it will have the file name of your photo next to the ‘Choose file’ box

If you come across any problems or require further assistance please contact the STDAH team at

Stuff you may need

  • Computer, laptop, tablet or phone.
  • Wifi

Links to other stuffer pages

Become a Stuffer

Links to other articles on the web,

Appendix 3: Downloading a Picture from Pixabay

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