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Why do we need your help?

We’re a start-up business, set up on 18th March 2020.

At the moment we are run on our Founder’s savings, donations, and help from Volunteers.

We expect to be self-sufficient by April 2021 but until then, we need some extra support to keep this lovely project going.

Donate Now

What will we do with the money?

Our costs are in 3 main areas:

  1. Website maintenance and development – so we can stay online and make sure the site is as easy to use as possible;
  2. Commissioning and editing articles – so we can keep providing brilliant ideas for Stuff To Do, in all sorts of topic areas;
  3. Advertising – as we’re just starting out, we spend a small amount on advertising each month to help raise our profile.

We also pay some of our leadership team a small amount for their time, but everyone works on a minimum wage basis, or voluntarily, for free.

What does the future hold for Stuff To Do?

We have only been going a short while, but we have already picked up a strong following of people who love what we do.

So we’re sure we can achieve our goal of being as big as YouTube, within 10 years.

We are a philanthropic organisation (we will certify as a B-Corp when we can).

This means our profits will be used for the wider good, rather than kept in the business, or shared with a small few.

You can find out more about our plan to share our profits here.


As well as donations, we are also looking for investors who share our values and ambitions.

We are working on our investor pack at the moment, but in the meantime, if you’d like to discuss the opportunity, please contact our Founder, Leigh Brownlee at

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