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Discover: Jane Carrey

What’s the idea?

An introduction to Jim Carrey’s talented singing daughter, Jane.

What’s the story?

You may have noticed that our founder, Leigh Brownlee, is trying to get hold of Jim Carrey.

(Jim, if you see this, you can contact leigh on

So the team at Stuff To Do is creating lots of Jim related content, in the hope of getting his attention.

As a singer-songwriter myself, I decided to write a Discover: article about Jane Carrey – Jim’s musician daughter.

This is the first time I’ve discovered Jane Carrey, and what a treat!

I hope you enjoy getting to know her and her talents as much as I have.

Being a female musician of a similar age myself, I can relate to Jane a lot.

People should Discover: Jane Carrey because…?

Jim is not the only talented Carrey in this family!

Jane is a fantastic example to women in music. She thoroughly owns her own voice and style.

Her voice is beautifully pure and can confidently handle a range of genres.

In fact it’s quite hard to pigeonhole her as her output is fairly diverse, which is a great showcase for her versatile voice.

A particular favourite of mine is ‘Blank Face’ – the perfect vehicle for Jane’s cool jazzy voice, and a masterfully written song.

Listen to ‘Blank Face’ on Spotify.

Discover: Jane Carrey

Career to date

Jane has collaborated with Jim on many occasions, but also has a music career in her own right.

She appeared on “American Idol in 2012, singing Bonnie Raitt’s “Something To Talk About”.

Whilst she made it through to the next phase, she was unfortunately eliminated in the first week of live auditions in Hollywood.

(For her performance of  Creedence Clearwater Revival’s ‘Looking Out My Back Door’ – trivia fans.)

Jane Carrey formed alternative indie/rock/jazz band , ‘The Jane Carrey Band’ whilst at college.

The band has released one album to date (‘The Jane Carrey Band’) – but hopefully there are more in the pipeline!


Jim Carrey and Melissa Womer divorced, but both remain close to their daughter.

Jane married Alex Santana in 2009, and gave birth to their son, Jackson Riley Santan in 2010.

They parted ways in 2011, but remain good friends.

The Jane Carrey Band

Jane Carrey met drummer, Terry Goldberg, and bassist, Ian Sloane, at Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences.

(Jane studied the jazz programme there.)

Lead guitarist Danial Sahagun joined the band later.

Their self-titled debut album ‘The Jane Carrey Band’, released in 2009, tells the stories of a lonely sad clown.

The music is jazz/folk/rock based and has a gorgeous, melancholy tone, which Jane’s pure, clear voice complements beautifully.

Musical Influences

  • Romany Music
  • Folk Music
  • Rock Music
  • Jazz Music
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • Bonnie Raitt


‘Sticky Situation’, released 2009

Listen to ‘Sticky Situation’ on Spotify

‘The Jane Carrey Band’ released 2009

Listen to ‘The Jane Carrey Band’ on Spotify

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