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Discover: Ann Gardner – award winning British painter

Ann is judging our 2020 Landscape Painting Competition, and offering her mentoring time as the prize for the winner

What’s the idea?

Ann Gardner is a significant, award-winning, British artist who paints beautiful landscapes of South-West France, where she’s based

What’s the story?

I had heard of Ann because I am very drawn to artists who studied at the Slade School of Fine Art.

She studied there for both her BA and MA.

The Slade is internationally renowned as one of the best art schools on the planet.

Other artists who studied at the Slade include:

Whilst at the Slade, Ann Gardner was taught by both Euan Uglow (one of Britain’s finest ever painters, in my opinion) and Lucian Freud.

I was lucky enough to be taught by Ann on a portrait painting course a few years ago, during one of her rare visits to the UK.

I can honestly say it was the best painting course I’ve ever attended – I learned a phenomenal amount.

I subsequently contacted Ann and asked if she would mentor me for a while – to my delight she agreed!

As a result, I was able to vastly improve my skills, and went from being a ‘hobbyist’ to a selling artist.

People should do this because…?

People should discover Ann Gardner because…

Her work is truly beautiful

She has painted some important paintings, most notably her recent ‘Spiral’ painting, highly praised by art critics

She has enormous passion and love for her discipline and subject

She is a natural teacher, so if you are lucky enough to ever be mentored by her, you will learn an amazing amount

Discover: Ann Gardner

Ann Gardner – background

Ann Gardner was born in 1964 in Bedford and won a place at The Slade School of Fine Art in 1982.

She did both her BA and MA in fine art at the Slade, going on to win The David Bailey Scholarship in landscape painting, which took her to South West France.

So began what renowned art critic, Andrew Lambirth calls ‘An English painter’s love affair with the French landscape’.

(You can read Andrew Lambirth’s view of Ann as a painter here.)

She also won the Boise Travel Award which took her to New York, where she taught at the New York Studio School.

Ann now lives and works in South West France, painting daily both in the studio and out in the landscape she loves.

She continues to win prestigious awards, with her work being collected all over the World.

Ann Gardner – subject matter and style

Ann is best known for her landscape paintings, although she has been a finalist for the National Portrait Award 4 times.

She works at both large and small scale, with some of her smaller paintings tending towards the abstract.

Her larger paintings are hugely impactful and highly collectable.

She largely works in oils although has been known to branch out into watercolour.

Ann’s eye for composition and colour is unparalleled and she has an enviable sensitivity of touch.

These three things, to my mind, are what make her paintings so wonderful.

Ann Gardner – work

Find out more about Ann Gardner

If you want to find out more about Ann, you can find her at:

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