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Daydream by Imogen Smith, age 9, UK

I was lying on my bed daydreaming of a world of unicorns and fairies dancing.

I closed my eyes and I was no longer in my room, I was in a new land I didn’t know but it was like my daydream!

One of the unicorns came over, she looked beautiful with a golden horn, rainbow wings and eyes like topaz.

‘Hi I’m Lola, would you like to be my friend’? The unicorn beamed.

‘Oh sure, but where am I’? I replied.

‘You are in Glitter Whirl, land of Queen Shimmer.  I would take you to meet her but there is one problem, she’s been kidnapped.

You could be the one to save her, all the unicorns who have tried so far have ended up in Sparkle Hospital’ Lola explained.

‘Who has she been kidnapped by?’ I asked.

‘Ruby the Red, the most evil dragon in the land, she is fierce and horrific. We need to save the Queen so please help us, our kingdom needs you’ Lola pleaded.

‘OK, where is the dragon’? I questioned.

‘She is up on Snowdrop Mountain, please may you come with me.’ the frightened unicorn begged.

‘Sure I can, let’s go and get your queen back’ I bravely said.

We walked onto the snowy mountain and Lola stopped. I heard a big rumble and I stopped as well. It happened again until a massive roar erupted all around.

‘We have to run and hide’ my quivering voice pleaded. ‘Follow me’ Lola screamed.

I ran and hid with my new friend. We had hidden behind a family of large snowmen and I turned to talk to Lola and I realised the roar had come from Lola all along.

With a flash of lightening Lola turned into a DRAGON!

Lola whispered ‘Please don’t hurt me, I don’t mean to be scary, I said that I kidnapped the queen so that I could have a friend.

Ever since my family were taken away from me when I was little I have had no one and I am so lonely.  I used my magic to transform myself into a unicorn so that I could make another friend and now I have met you’. ‘

Why were your family taken’ I asked.

‘One of my brothers destroyed part of the queens palace, by accident. He was practising breathing fire! The queen had all my family banished, but I was left behind.

I lied to you when I said the queen had been kidnapped’ Lola sniffed.

Lola’s tears fell onto the snow and a puff of pink and purple glitter smoke whirled around us and the family of snowmen who started to melt leaving behind what appeared to be DRAGONS!.

‘My family’ Lola screamed with joy.

They talked and hugged for hours before Lola’s mother said ‘I think we should go and apologise to the queen and ask to come back’.

I walked with my new friends hoping that I could help them in their next challenge.

Name: Imogen Smith
Age: 9
Country: United Kingdom

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