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Cussly Learns To Save Water by J.Mythreyi, age 10, India

drawing of pair of hands holding a rainbow as rain falls on a plant

Cussly was a careless little boy who always wasted things.

He always wasted food and always wasted water.

Splash! Splash!

Miss Dorothy was Cussly’s class teacher.

She noticed he was always wasting water.

Many times she would warn:

“Cussly, Cussly, you are always wasting water! You must not do that.

“Water is very precious, you must conserve or save water”.

One day Miss Dorothy took Cussly’s class to the beach.

It was quite a hot and sunny day.

He began squiring water from his water bottle everywhere.

After some time, Cussly felt thirsty but when he opened his bottle to drink some water he realised that there was no water left!

“All my water is gone and I am very thirsty.

“What shall i do now?

Oh! my throat is very thirsty!”

So Cussly learns to save water.

Moral of the story:

“Save water don’t waste water”.

Name: J.Mythreyi
Age: 10
Country: India

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