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Create a spa experience at home

What’s the Idea?

A relaxing home spa session is a wonderful way to relax and unwind.

What’s the story

Enjoying a relaxing spa session is one of my favourite things to do. I love taking a couple of hours just to myself and enjoying the luxurious surroundings, calming music and wonderful spa products.

However, spas can be expensive and at the moment it’s of course not possible to visit them due to the coronavirus pandemic. So, to relax, I decided to recreate spa sessions at home at least once a week.

People should do this because…?

Creating a calm, beautiful setting in your bathroom and taking time to enjoy a fragrant bath and lovely beauty products will make all the difference – I always feel really relaxed and quite sleepy after so it’s best to time the spa session for the evening, just before bedtime.

How do you do it?

I usually wash my hair with shampoo in the shower first and then run a warm bath.

I will also ensure the bathroom is de-cluttered, tidying away anything I don’t want to look at while relaxing! The idea is to make your surroundings as spa-like as possible after all.

While the bath is running, I’ll make a cup of herbal tea and take it in the bathroom with me, together with a face mask suitable for my skin type (I like ones with collagen). I will also have a conditioning hair mask on hand.

I’ll then light some scented candles which I place around the bath and turn off the lights.

I have a playlist of calming spa music on my mobile phone (I like music with with Asian sounds – Youtube has many great relaxing playlists, see link below for an example).

Finally, I’ll add a couple of drops of scented bath oil and step in the bath and relax.

After a while, I will apply the face mask and then the hair mask, combing through the length of the hair to ensure it distributes evenly. I’ll then let both work their magic, enjoying the herbal tea, the music and the relaxing atmosphere.

My home spa session usually lasts around 45 minutes. Once it’s time to get out, I’ll finish by applying a nice body moisturiser and usually then either read a book in bed or go straight to sleep.

Stuff you may need

  • A bath
  • Scented candle
  • Nice bath oil or bath foam
  • Conditioning hair mask
  • Face mask that’s tailored for your skin type
  • Body moisturiser
  • A cup of herbal tea of your choice.
  • A phone to play relaxing music with – but place it well away from the bath to avoid any splashes!

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