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Crab Tree by Keira Perry, age 8, UK – JOINT 2ND PLACE


Once upon a time there was a boy named Phil . He was a horrible boy, spiteful, nasty, selfish and smelly.

He was very mean and enjoyed bullying other kids. He also liked boasting and did it all the time.

One day The Spirit of the Earth, who wanted people to love each other and care about animals and the environment as much as Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough do, could not bear it any longer.

He turned Phil into an ugly giant yeti crab.

Though it didn’t stop Phil being pure evil, whenever he tried to boast in his crab language, people didn’t understand him and just pointed their fingers at him and laughed.

This made Phil really angry.

Day by day as Phil got more and more angry, he also got bigger and bigger and bigger until he finally burst.

Angry sparkles flew all around the world.

The Spirit of the Earth desperately tried to catch them and he nearly managed to do it, but one sparkle landed in a little girl’s garden.

The sparkle grew into a monstrously scary tree.

The tree was so big it reached up to the clouds and covered the sun. Birds stopped singing, flowers stopped growing and people became more and more miserable.

The monstrous tree frightened the little girl at first, but when she looked at the tree standing by itself in her garden, she felt very sorry for it, it looked so lonely and sad.

So she decided to become friends with the tree.

She read under the tree…

she sang to the tree…

she even danced near the tree.

Slowly the monstrous tree turned into a beautiful crab apple tree. Birds loved making nests in the tree and the sun started shining again.

The Spirit of the Earth was so proud of the little girl that he decided to give her the best present ever.

He turned the tree into the little girl’s best friend Phil who loved her for what she was and was there for her whatever happened.

They grew up together, got married and lived happily ever after telling their children and grandchildren a wonderful fairy tale about a little girl and a monstrous tree.

I heard this story from my neighbour little Phil Crabtree.

Name: Keira Perry
Age: 8
Country: United Kingdom

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