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Cope with pregnancy during Coronavirus

Pregnant belly with hands over it in shape of a heart

What’s the Idea?

Tried and tested ways to cope with pregnancy during the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

What’s the story

Coping with pregnancy during the Coronavirus pandemic can be difficult, as it is an unsettling time for soon-to-be mums.

Isolated away from support groups and placed in the vulnerable group, they are also faced with changing situations around hospital appointments and birth plans.

I’m 32 weeks pregnant and have found a few techniques to help me to continue to enjoy my pregnancy under lockdown.

These simple tips will help you feel more relaxed and ready to welcome your baby into the world.

People should do this because…?

This is a special time for you and your baby.

It’s still possible to enjoy your pregnancy even under lockdown.

In addition, a calm and happy pregnancy has numerous health benefits for both you and your little one.

How do you do it?

I have found that combining these six techniques has helped me stay calm and cope with pregnancy during Coronavirus.

It means I am more positive and can enjoy this uncertain and scary time as much as possible.

Tip 1: Facts not fiction!

There is a lot of speculation around pregnancy during Coronavirus and also what the future holds in general.

It’s good to be informed but stick to reputable sources for up-to-date advice (like the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists).

Therefore, limit your news consumption to 30 minutes a day so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

I’ve also had to limit my time on pregnancy apps and forums. It’s great to feel connected to those in a similar situation but stress is contagious!

So be mindful of what you read. If it’s not helpful or informative, switch it off.

Tip 2: Keep moving

I’ve found being heavily pregnant and home all day is making me very stiff and achy.

Changing my seating position in the day (kitchen chair, to sofa, to bed!) really helps, as does sitting on a birthing ball.

Just like gym balls, they help relieve backache and reduce spinal pressure (just make sure you get the right size for your height).

There are also loads of prenatal exercise apps that not only help you keep fit and healthy.

And exercise also encourages those endorphins (happy hormones) too.

They tailor exercises to different trimesters so you can be sure you are staying safe while keeping fit.

Try Tommy’s website which offers some great tips on exercise, as well as more ways to cope with pregnancy during Coronavirus.

Tip 3: Stretch and soothe

Pregnancy yoga provides physical and mental benefits. Some moves even help you prepare for birth.

You can find many free and paid classes online that are suitable for different trimesters like this one. Take time to find the right one for you.

There are also meditations online designed to help you bond with your baby.

These guided relaxations help me focus on my baby, and forget for a short while that we are in a pandemic.
Top tip: Listen with headphones so it is fully immersive.

Tip 4: Sleep

This is obvious, but many women find this difficult in pregnancy.

So try investing in a maternity sleeping pillow to rest the bump on, or find a little cushion to support the weight.

I also swear by a lavender pillow spray, and if you have one, try an aromatherapy diffuser with some lavender oil too.

However, if you are still struggling to switch off, avoid phones and even baby books in bed.

And instead try listening to a sleep meditation like this one as they calm your breathing and provide a distraction.

I’m yet to stay awake to hear the end of one!

Tip 5: Create your birthing playlist

There’s nothing like listening to uplifting music to make you happy.

So creating a birthing playlist offers the perfect excuse to go through your music and rediscover your favourite tracks.

I’ve even discovered new songs and bands I hadn’t heard before thanks to Spotify, as there are loads of pre-made playlists you can take inspiration from.
Top tip: Make your playlist as long as possible, just in case you are in labour for a while!

Tip 6: Be organised

One of the biggest areas of stress for expectant mums is preparing for the baby’s arrival.

There’s so much to buy and the choice is overwhelming. Combine this with many shops being shut and supplies running low, it’s a recipe for panic.

So if you can, order early. This will also give you time to enjoy all the cute little items that arrive.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for specific gifts to ease your shopping list.

They will more than likely want to get you something and be thankful for the direction.

Stuff you may need

Internet access/computer
Birthing ball
Lavender pillow spray/oil and diffuser
Exercise mat
Music catalogue (Spotify/iTunes etc)

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