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Contribute to an inspirational new book

New book writing - a Macbook book and pen on desk

What’s the Idea?

I’m writing a new book and looking for people to send me stories.

It’s about people who have shown extraordinary courage or kindness during a time of great adversity.

What’s the story?

I’m a professional writer, commissioned to write a new book about this topic

This new book is due out this Autumn.

So I am looking for people to send me their stories

Do you know of anyone who deserves to be included in this new book?

I’m looking for people from the 20th century through to the present day.

They don’t have to be well-known though!

Could be an exceptional friend or relative..

Examples so far include:

People should do this because…?

This is an opportunity to have your story published

The new book aims to inspire others so you will have contributed to that

You could highlight your friend or relatives achievement

It’s a great way to do something creative and practice your writing

How do you do it?

Think about anyone you know either family or friends

Or maybe someone whose story inspired you.

Write down that story on your PC or Phone

Give as much detail as possible

Particularly on why the situation was so bad or challenging

And what this person did to show great kindness

Or great courage during this time

Don’t worry about your spelling or grammar

I can tidy this up when I edit it

Then please send your ideas for this new book to:

I will then review and edit your story

And if it’s selected I will let you know

So you can keep an eye out for it when its published

Stuff you may need

Laptop/PC/Phone to write and send your story

Links to other stuffer pages

Write a magazine article

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