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Celebrate Summer Solstice!

Yay! It's officially Summer. So we're celebrating Summer Solstice with loads of fun facts, ideas, activities and events.

Just take a look at our calendar below and join in.

Join Algonquin elder Annie Smith St. George for a Smudge Ceremony and Teaching to mark the official start of the Summer Solstice Indigenous Festival – Quebec

Sunday 14th june - history and myths

We’ve got loads of fab facts about the history of Summer Solstice and Sun stories from around the world

Summer Solstice history - photo of the sun rising at stonehenge.

Monday 15th June - Solstice for kids

Summer Solstice lends itself to load of fun kids’ activities – and it’s a great chance for them to learn something too

Tuesday 16th June - arts and crafts

Artists and Crafters have been influenced by the sun for millennia.  Enjoy these arty-crafty Summer Solstice ideas

wednesday 17th june - solstice nature celebration

Summer Solstice celebrates the re-birth of the sun and the glories of nature, so these wonderful natural world ideas are the perfect way to celebrate

thursday 18th june - solstice food and Drink

Summer Solstice – yum. Summer food and drink ideas – yum. Summer Solstice food and drink ideas? Yum, yum, yum, yum, YUM!

Friday 19th June - solstice party ideas

Omg, Omg, OMG!  We’re nearly there! Time to start rolling out the Summer Solstice entertainment – check out these Summer Solstice party ideas.

saturday 20th June - it's summer solstice day!

Celebrate with our programme of live events throughout the day – or enjoy them on catch-up.

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