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Celebrate summer solstice for kids

Summer Solstice for kids

Summer with the kids is one of the most magical times of the year, so we've found lots of ways to celebrate Summer Solstice for kids we're sure you'll enjoy.

SummEr SOlstice for kids - STUFFER ARTICLES

Ideas of stuff to do on Summer Solstice for kids, from our team of expert writers

teach your kids all about summer solstice

Help your children learn about the history and science behind this wonderful time of year, with these fun learning videos

Learn about the longest day of the year

History of Stonehenge – kid-style

A day in the life of an ancient Druid

How animals keep cool in Summer at the zoo

Summer solstice Arts & CRaft ideas for kids

We love these arts and craft ideas for kids from around the web on the theme of the sun and Summer

Make an easy handprint sun – All Kids Network

Follow along and draw a sunset

Colourful sun & rainbow – Easy Peasy and Fun

Easy stained glass from tissue paper

Summer solstice story-time for kids

Enjoy these Solstice and Summer related stories for children

‘Sun Dog’ by Deborah Kerbel

‘Fun in The Sun’ by David Catrow


‘Under Alaska’s Midnight Sun’ by Deb Vanasse

The story of the Solar System – in song

Summer Solstice for Kids - Recipes

Summer is when our food is freshest and most ripe. Why not let the kids try these easy Summer recipes?

Garden Fresh Veggie Pizza – BBC Good Food

Stuffed rainbow baguette – BBC Good Food

Ginger Turkey Lettuce Wraps – BBC Good Food

Mini Milkshakes – BBC Good Food

Summery desserts and frozen treats for kids

Which child doesn't love a sweet treat? Why not try some of these colourful summer desserts and frozen snacks

Check out our other Summer Solstice ideas

We've got loads more Summer Solstice stuff for you to enjoy - see our other collections below

Summer Solstice party ideas

Need an idea for your Summer Solstice Party at home? We’ve collected together loads of Solstice party ideas for you

summer solstice food and drink ideas - toddler sitting on a picnic mat surrounded by summer food outdoors.

Summer Solstice food and drink

We’ve gathered together loads of Summer Solstice food and drink ideas from around the world – let’s celebrate Summer!

Summer Solstice arts & crafts

Looking for Summer Solstice arts & crafts ideas? We’ve collected together loads of great projects for adults and kids.

Summer Solstice for kids

Celebrate summer solstice for kids

Summer Solstice is a magical event in the year, and a great opportunity for fun activities with the kids – plus they might learn a bit too

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