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learn to play tennis. Doubles tennis match. One of the players is serving.

Learn to play tennis

Playing tennis can be a lot of fun and a good exercise. Take the chance to learn all the rules of this sport so that you are ready for when …

Book a doctor's appointment - photo of the torso of a man wearing a stethescope

Book a doctor’s appointment

If you’re experiencing low mood, depression, or anxiety, you should book a doctor’s appointment. Appointments are available during lockdown

watch a virtual concert online - image of an orchestra

Watch a virtual concert online

If you love attending concerts you are probably missing them – but many top orchestras are making performances available on line FREE.

Anxiety symptoms - anxiety disorders are exhausting and debilitating - we explain how to recognise the symptoms

Recognise anxiety symptoms

Anxiety is a debilitating condition which can make you nervous, worried or uneasy, or cause panic attacks. Learn to recognise the symptoms.

Take a depression test - if you're worried you're suffering from depression, there is an NHS depression test you can take online

Take the NHS depression test

If you think you might be depressed, you can take the NHS online depression test and check the your symptoms. It’s confidential and free.

recognise symptoms of depression - depression is really common, if you spot the symptoms early on, it is easier to treat

Recognise depression symptoms

Depression symptoms are common – globally, 264 million+ people suffer. If you can spot the symptoms sooner, they are easier to treat.

take anxiety test - if you're worried you're suffering from anxiety, take the NHS anxiety test

Take the NHS anxiety test

If you’re worried you have anxiety, take the NHS online anxiety test and check the severity of your symptoms. It’s confidential and free.