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Book a doctor's appointment - photo of the torso of a man wearing a stethescope

Book a doctor’s appointment

If you’re experiencing low mood, depression, or anxiety, you should book a doctor’s appointment. Appointments are available during lockdown

Set up a Zoom account

Need to present, see and/or chat with several or 1000 people at the same time but stuck at home? Try Zoom!

Bury your bones

In this time of global apocalypse, it’s really important that nobody finds your bones

Deep clean your home

Here are a step by step, room by room, easy to follow instructions gleaned from cleaning experts on how to make sure you can deep clean your…

De-clutter your home

A simple “How To” guide on how to declutter your home, with links to external resources.

Boost your immunity with foods. A rainbow made with fruits and vegetables.

Boost your immunity with foods

Boost your immune system to help fight off infections by incorporating certain foods into your diet.
What you eat is very important when tr…