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Picture of Allotment Garden

Start an allotment garden

Get away from the digital world and regain your connection with nature by starting an allotment garden.

Lawn care tips. Green lawn with a an apartment block in the background.

Try these lawn care tips

Summer can be a tough time for your lawn, so try these lawn care tips to bring your grass to life.

Grow tomatoes at home. Bunch of ripe and green tomatoes.

Grow tomatoes at home

Would you like to grow your own tomatoes at home? In this article you will find out about different varieties, when to sow the seeds, how to…

Learn the different types of clouds - image of clouds.

Learn the different types of clouds

Learn about the different types of clouds and what they mean for our weather. A perfect activity during the solstice as our weather (hopeful…

donate to zoos during covid19 - two lions rubbing heads together affectionately.

Donate to zoos

A lot of zoos are really struggling in the COVID-19 pandemic and some are struggling to feed their animals. Donate a small amount to help

Learn about common garden birds - image of a robin

Learn about common garden birds

Discover more about the common garden birds that you’re likely to see around you and in your garden. A great way to get outdoors.

Grow herbs in containers - image of herbs

Grow herbs in containers

Grow herbs in containers to kickstart your fragrant herb garden!  Growing a herb garden is easy and a great introduction to gardening.

Try planting for kids - image of a child in boots

Try planting for kids

Encourage the kids away from their tablets and into the garden by making growing things fun and educational.

Picture of whale in the ocean to celebrate World Oceans Day

Celebrate World Oceans Day

Find out more about World Oceans Day on 8 June.  Explore a virtual aquarium, take a virtual ocean trip and learn how to help protect our oce…

Image of a birdbath bowl

Build a birdbath bowl

Build a birdbath to encourage birds to your garden this summer where they can cool off and have a drink.