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House train a puppy - image of a puppy.

House train a puppy

It is important to know how to house train a puppy. It can be a lot of work, but here are some helpful tips for your new dog.

donate to zoos during covid19 - two lions rubbing heads together affectionately.

Donate to zoos

A lot of zoos are really struggling in the COVID-19 pandemic and some are struggling to feed their animals. Donate a small amount to help

chuckit ball - black dog with an orange chuckit ball

Treat your dog to a Chuckit ball

If you haven’t yet discovered Chuckit balls and have a large dog who loves to chew, check out these virtually indestructible rubber balls!

brush your cat - photo of long-haired cat curled up on a bed

Brush your cat

Brushing your cat (or dog) is a great way to keep their fur in condition and to enjoy a little bonding time

Bury your bones

In this time of global apocalypse, it’s really important that nobody finds your bones